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What Is a Bocadillo?

H. Bliss
H. Bliss

A bocadillo is a type of sandwich most often served in Spain, but eaten in many other areas as well. In contrast with the well-known sliced bread sandwich also served in Spain, bocadillo is made from a single roll of chunky artisan bread that is cut in half, somewhat like a bagel is cut in half. It is a large sandwich that can be served on its own or with small dishes on the side. They are commonly known as inexpensive, fast food for diners in a hurry. The most common types of bocadillos are breakfast bocadillos, which are more or less egg or omelet sandwiches. These breakfast sandwiches are commonly served with Spanish chorizo, a dry sausage that differs from the Mexican chorizo with which most people are familiar.

Bocata is another common name for the bocadillo sandwich. Bocadillos are fairly simple sandwiches, and usually contain only meat, cheese, or eggs in the sandwich, and use little produce. Submarine sandwiches are somewhat similar to the bocadillo, but they often have much more produce than the thick bocadillo sandwich. This sandwich can be served as part of a sit-down meal, but many are eaten like fast food, on the run.

Spain is known for the bocadillo.
Spain is known for the bocadillo.

Egg, or omelet, is the most common filling for a bocodillo sandwich. Other fillings for a bocadillo sandwich are many, but include ham and cheese, fish, and bacon. Generally, the type of ingredients in the sandwich depend on the sandwich ingredients that are locally popular and available fresh. Often, local bocadillo sandwiches showcase the specialty of the region in which they are served. A restaurant known for its eggs might be likely to serve an egg bocata, while a cured meat shop would serve an exceptional cured meat sandwich.

Spain is in Southwestern Europe. Popular dishes in Spain vary by the regions, which include the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and inner regions of Spain. Bocadillo sandwiches are served all over Spain and in many other countries, but are most common to the inner and Mediterranean regions of Spain, which are well-known for their fine cured meats.

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    • Spain is known for the bocadillo.
      By: Claudio Divizia
      Spain is known for the bocadillo.