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What is a Cookie Stamp?

Mandi R. Hall
Mandi R. Hall

A cookie stamp is an imprinted product used to create a certain design on top of a cookie. Not to be confused with a cookie cutter, a cookie stamp does not cut the entire cookie into a particular shape. Instead, it leaves a patterned indentation on the cookie’s surface. Such a product has the potential to turn an otherwise bland cookie into something a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

Like the cookie cutter, the cookie stamp is used before the cookies are baked. It is important to note that the stamps are best used in conjunction with recipes that produce a thick dough — drop cookie recipes don’t work well. Once the ingredients are mixed into the bowl, the baker rolls the soon-to-be-treats into balls. Once the balls are placed at least 2 inches (5 cm) apart on a baking sheet, the stamps may be used.

Cookie dough can be marked with a stamp before being baked.
Cookie dough can be marked with a stamp before being baked.

During the stamping process, some sticking may occur. When the stamp sticks to the cookie, it makes it harder to perfect the indentation. To prevent sticking, the chef should first spray or lightly coat the stamp with a bit of cooking oil before using it. Some chefs use a flour dusting instead of the oil trick. Either way, the oil or flour is meant to reduce sticking between the stamp and the cookie itself.

Once the oil or flour is applied, the chef may gently but firmly press the stamp into the dough ball. The result should be a flatter product, newly indented with a precise pattern. The more indented the pattern before baking, the more deeply showcased the pattern will be on the final product.

A cookie stamp may be made from one of several materials. Silicon rubber is common due to its food-safe material. Other popular materials include wood, ceramic, metal, and resin. A potato carving may also be used as a temporary stamp, though the baker would need to be a fairly crafty person to attempt such a venture.

In order to create the indented pattern, the design must be raised on the material. The stamp itself should be around a couple of inches wide to fully illustrate the design. If there are words involved, the design should be large and easy to read.

A cookie stamp or set of stamps may be purchased online. Some online stores even sell customized stamps. For those who prefer retail shopping, many specialty baking stores sell these stamps. Department and grocery stores may have them, particularly during the holidays, though they may be harder to come by there.

A cookie stamp needn’t just be used on sugar and peanut butter cookies. Biscuits, fondant, candies, and stiff pastries may all be conducive to the use of these stamps. Seasoned bakers and novices, alike, may use a cookie stamp to decorate cookies any time of the year.

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For the sharpest images, bake the dough balls briefly, then pull them from the oven and stamp them, then return them to the oven.

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    • Cookie dough can be marked with a stamp before being baked.
      By: Mat Hayward
      Cookie dough can be marked with a stamp before being baked.