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What Is a Double Wall Oven?

S. Frost
S. Frost

A double wall oven is a baking unit built into the wall with two separate oven areas. Each of the units has its own set of controls, allowing for two different cooking temperatures. Wall ovens are available in both gas and electric models, although electric versions are more popular and offer a greater selection. Exploring the pros and cons of a double oven helps determine whether it is the best option as a home oven.

Unlike a traditional stove and oven combination, a double oven is typically installed at waist level or higher. This allows for easier loading and unloading of the oven without excessive bending. It also allows the person baking to easily look inside to check on the food.

A double wall oven across from a kitchen island.
A double wall oven across from a kitchen island.

Wall ovens are available in three sizes: 24, 27 and 30 inches (61, 68.6 and 76.2 cm). They are often mounted with cupboards above or below them, so the width of the cabinets plays a role in the best oven width. When an existing built-in oven is being replaced, the width of the old oven should be considered.

Single oven units are available, but a double oven provides more baking space and flexibility when baking items at different temperatures. Single-double wall ovens also are an option. These home oven models divide the space of a single oven into two smaller oven areas. Double ovens offer the highest capacity, with one of the oven units being full size. The second oven might be another full-size oven or a slightly smaller model.

The features included with the double oven units vary along with the price. Higher-end wall ovens offer touch controls instead of knobs. The control panel might include a timer in addition to the temperature settings. Adjustable broiling settings and a self-cleaning mode are other potential differences from one oven model to the next. Finding a unit with a control panel that is easily accessible and easy to read is more important to most consumers than the look of the panel.

Additional heating methods are available on some double wall oven models. A wall oven with convection cooking circulates the hot air with a fan for more even baking. Trivection ovens combine convection cooking with thermal heat and microwaves for even faster cooking. The convenience of quick cooking comes with a much higher price tag than a traditional double wall oven.

A built-in oven saves on floor space when compared to traditional oven units, but it also requires the use of a separate cooktop. The cooktop itself will take up some counter space. The total cost of a separate double wall oven and cooktop is generally higher than the cost of a combination unit.

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Once you get used to having a double oven, you will find it hard to go back to anything else. We make a lot of cookies at our house, and using my built in double oven cuts the baking time in half because you can have both ovens going at the same time.

It also works great when you want to bake more than one pizza. You can have both ovens going at the same time, so all the pizza is done at once and you don't have to wait for one to be cooked before starting another.


When we moved a few years ago, our house had a built in KitchenAid double wall oven. I had never had a double oven before and wondered what I would ever need two ovens for.

I have used that double oven so many more times than I ever thought I would. For holiday meals, it is wonderful. You can cook more than one thing at different temperatures and don't have to worry about not having enough oven space.

I also use the second oven a lot just to keep other food that has already cooked warm. That way when everything is served it is all warm without even using the microwave at all.

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    • A double wall oven across from a kitchen island.
      By: pics721
      A double wall oven across from a kitchen island.