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What Is a Hot Dog Rotisserie?

C. Mitchell
C. Mitchell

A hot dog rotisserie is a kitchen or food service appliance that is designed to evenly cook franks by rotating them in a heated chamber. Rotisserie cooking has long been used as a means of slow cooking meats. In a hot dog rotisserie, individual franks are either skewered or placed on specially-designed shelves that rotate, usually within a heated oven but sometimes over a grill or open flame. Rotisserie hot dogs are commonly sold at large public events and food concession stands.

In rotisserie cooking, meat is constantly rotated over a heat source. The earliest examples are the spits used by ancient cultures. These usually required manual rotation, and often involved whole animals. More modern rotisserie ovens capture that same effect without requiring so much work. When hot dogs are cooked this way, they brown evenly and gain a uniformly crispy exterior.

Hot dogs.
Hot dogs.

Most hot dog rotisseries are manufactured for commercial use and are essentially enclosed ovens. The inside of the oven is usually outfitted with a wheel or multiple wheels of metal spikes or trays, which cooks must load up with hot dogs. Once the machine is turned on, the metal elements begin rotating, and heat starts to circulate. In concession settings, the oven usually has a clear door so that passers-by can watch the hot dogs rotating. Seeing the meat as it cooks is often believed to improve sales.

A hot dog with mustard.
A hot dog with mustard.

Some hot dog rotisserie equipment also contains bun warming or toasting elements. These are usually separate drawers or shelves that are connected to the oven, but are not actually a part of it. Rotisserie cooking is essentially broiling, which can be very drying for bread products. Just the same, warmed buns make a good accompaniment to freshly-cooked hot dogs, and bread sections can make a rotisserie oven more appealing to some consumers.

A hot dog rotisserie is often one of the most efficient ways of making hot dogs for a crowd. Not only can most machines cook a great many franks at once, they can also keep them warmed and fresh-tasting long after cooking is complete. In this way, a food salesperson can cook the meat in the morning, for instance, but continue showcasing it in rotation well throughout the day. Most other preparations require either on-demand cooking, which can take up time, or advanced cooking, which usually requires re-warming and can sacrifice taste.

Not all rotisseries are designed for commercial or professional use. Most home hot dog rotisserie tools lack the appeal of glass-doored carts and traveling ovens, but can usually achieve similar results. Home ovens are usually small, often designed to sit on a counter top or stretch atop a grill. Rotating grill plates often take the place of rotating spits. This cuts down both on cleaning and on space while still producing a characteristically rotisserie taste.

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    • Hot dogs.
      By: Natika
      Hot dogs.
    • A hot dog with mustard.
      By: Brenda Carson
      A hot dog with mustard.