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What Is a Pie Shop?

Alicia Sparks
Alicia Sparks

A pie shop is a type of food retailing business that sells a limited menu of take-away or “fast” foods, but focuses mostly on pies. Although most pie shops sell traditional pies, there are some shops that specialize in other kinds of baked goods. Many pie shops also sell beverages and allow customers to dine inside the shop, despite the take-away nature of the establishment. Pie shops are probably more popular in certain parts of the United Kingdom and Australia than anywhere else in the world. Still, it’s not impossible to find pie shops in other countries, such as the United States and Canada.

Most pie shops sell the traditional kinds of sweet pies we think of when we think of pies. Depending on the pie shop, customers might find common kinds of pies like cherry pies, apple pies, and blueberry pies for sale. Other typical pies include lemon pies, blackberry pies, and pumpkin pies. Some pie shop bakers might mix fruits to create interesting flavor combinations, or they might create pie recipes unique to their shops. Other pie shop bakers might sell exotic types of pies made from fruits that are indigenous to their part of the world, but uncommon in other parts of the world.

A cherry pie.
A cherry pie.

Not all pie shops sell only traditional pies. For example, some pie shops also sell pasties or pastries, which are pastry-wrapped baked goods similar to traditional pies but with crusts that enclose all the filling ingredients. Too, not all pie shops sell sweet pies, or even pies made with fruits and other common kinds of ingredients. Meat pies, for instance, are similar to traditional pies but their fillings consist of meat and other savory ingredients. A meat pie might consist of pork, chicken, beef, or liver and usually includes various kinds of vegetables.

Sausage rolls are another common kind of food served at pie shops. Usually, sausage rolls consist of sausage enclosed with puff pastry wraps. These rolls might be served hot or cold.

Pumpkin pies are sold in pie shops.
Pumpkin pies are sold in pie shops.

Even though many pie shops are designed for take-away food ordering, some have menu items as well as tables and booths which allow for in-restaurant dining. For example, customers might be able to order entire pies to go, or they might order individual pie slices to eat in the pie shop. Depending on the pie shop, customers might be able to order coffee and other drinks, too. Some pie shop menus make the shop a popular destination for breakfast and lunch. Generally, pie shops aren’t common locations for supper or dinner.

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A friend of mine always dreamed of opening her own pie shop one day, and she finally did it a few years ago. Her friends and family already knew she made the best pies, but she found it was very hard to convince the public to take a chance on her. She started handing out free samples at a local niche grocery store and people began asking her for whole pies.

She started her own online pie shop and bakery, and ran it out of her own home. She had some commercial equipment already, and she hired a contractor to convert her basement into an approved space for food preparation. She also had to purchase a business license from the city and become certified by the health inspector.

She did everything right, and started getting a lot of orders through word-of-mouth and the website. She ended up working nearly 20 hours a day to keep up with sales, and eventually decided to find something else to do. Pie shops are great, but they are definitely labor-intensive.


The pie shop in my hometown supplied just about every other restaurant in town with pies and other desserts. I think that was how they made most of their income, in fact. They had a counter where the public could come in and buy boxed pies, but they did not sell individual slices or offer dine-in service. I think the younger generation decided to get out of the pie making business several years ago, so there is no longer a pie shop by that name in the area. Another bakery may have purchased the recipes, though.

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    • A cherry pie.
      By: Elena Blokhina
      A cherry pie.
    • Pumpkin pies are sold in pie shops.
      By: Lisa F. Young
      Pumpkin pies are sold in pie shops.
    • Many pie shops are opting to sell pies with non-traditional fillings, like sweet taro pie.
      By: amawasri
      Many pie shops are opting to sell pies with non-traditional fillings, like sweet taro pie.
    • A pie shop may serve savory pastries like sausage rolls.
      By: raphotography
      A pie shop may serve savory pastries like sausage rolls.