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What is an Egg Ring?

R. Kayne
R. Kayne

An egg ring is a stainless steel non-stick “collar” that sits in a pan, used to keep an egg in a perfectly circular formation while cooking. Egg rings can also be used to make perfect pancakes. Some egg rings come connected to others for making multiple eggs or pancakes at once. Whether using one or more, egg rings make cooking easier and food more aesthetically pleasing.

An egg ring is not only the perfect cooking tool for eggs benedict, but also for egg muffin sandwiches. In the latter case, you can scramble eggs then pour them into an egg ring. After the eggs firm up, the egg ring can be removed and the eggs can be flipped to lightly cook the opposite side. Place a slice of cheese over the top and cover the pan for a moment or two, until the cheese just starts to melt. Use a spatula to place the burger-shaped egg on a muffin, and you’ve just made a hearty breakfast to eat at the table or take on the go!

An egg.
An egg.

Have kids at home? Making pancakes on a Saturday morning can be difficult at best on anything short of a commercial sized grill. Batter runs together and the going gets slow, turning out one or two pancakes at a time. With multiple egg rings you can make four pancakes at a time in a medium-to-large sized pan or griddle, and each of them will turn out perfectly round and uniform. Great for short stacks in short order!

How many times have you wanted to cook two different items in a pan without the food running together? For example, an egg and bacon, or pancake and sausage? An egg ring will keep a pancake or egg contained so that the rest of the pan is freed up for getting other items done quickly and easily!

An egg ring is made with a tall stem and heat-free handle to lift easily from the pan or griddle. Most egg rings are made with non-stick surfaces, easily cleaned with a sponge and detergent, and are typically dishwasher safe. Egg rings can be found anywhere culinary items are sold. They are a very inexpensive yet handy tool to have in any kitchen.

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anon45704 - I guess you don't get sarcasm. This article is ridiculous.


Please can you tell me why the oil foams up whenever I use an egg ring?


anon30374, you have too much time on your hands and need to lighten up. perhaps you should try cooking your eggs "Sunny side up!" LOL!


Thanks for your article. It was really helpful because when i bought my egg rings, they didn't come with any instructions and the first time i tried to cook my eggs, i put them on the outside of the ring and they didn't come out perfectly round. Thanks to your article i now know the egg goes inside the ring. I didn't realize as well that with all the spare space around the outside of the ring I could cook something else in the same frying pan. I had been using a separate frying pan for my bacon, but now I just use one! And it saves on washing up. Thanks!

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    • An egg.
      By: Elena Schweitzer
      An egg.