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What Is Anise Candy?

Anise candy is a delightful treat infused with the flavor of aniseed, which imparts a distinctive licorice taste. This confectionery often comes in hard or chewy forms, offering a sweet and slightly spicy experience. Its unique flavor profile has been cherished for generations. Curious about how anise candy can tantalize your taste buds? Let's explore its timeless appeal together.
Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

Anise candy is a hard candy flavored with anise oil. The candy can be made at home. Made primarily from corn syrup, water and sugar, other key ingredients such as tartar, anise oil and food coloring are used to make the anise candy. Typically cut into squares and rolled in powdered sugar after it has hardened, anise candy has a strong licorice taste and aroma.

Anise is an annual herb, and anise candy is made from oil derived from the plant's seeds. Also known as sweet cumin and aniseed, anise has a long history of being used in food, candy and medical applications. Commercially, anise candies are one of the oldest hard candies available and they are a traditional Christmas candy. They are still offered at candy stores, general retailers and online. As anise candy has such a long history, some companies offer "retro" or throw-back versions of the candy with wrappers reminiscent of days gone by.

Anise or aniseed (Pimpinella anisum).
Anise or aniseed (Pimpinella anisum).

The candies are typically colored red with food coloring, although the candies may be white, green or turned another color, as desired. Anise candies are often individually wrapped in a signature red cellophane paper. The treat is a traditional Christmas candy in many parts of the world. Anise candy is usually small in size, as it is meant to dissolve in the mouth and not to be chewed or broken into smaller pieces before eating.

Anise candies might relieve a sore throat.
Anise candies might relieve a sore throat.

In addition to being a culinary treat, anise candy also serves other purposes. Hunters typically eat anise candies to help mask their breath and body scent while hunting deer and other animals. Some fishermen use anise oil to scent salmon eggs used as bait while fishing for salmon and steelhead. Bears are attracted to the anise scent, so caution is advised when eating the candy in bear-inhabited woods.

Anise candies are also used by some people to help relieve sore throats and other ailments. They are also used to freshen breath and for digestive issues. Other licorice or anise-flavored candies include Black Jack® gum, Crows® and Good and Plenty®.

Hunters commonly eat anise candy to mask their breath while hunting deer.
Hunters commonly eat anise candy to mask their breath while hunting deer.

In addition to anise hard candies, anise is used to flavor other types of candies. Anise-flavored dinner mints are available, as are anise-flavored gummy bears with a sugar coating. Anis de Flavigny are pastille candies which have been made in Flavingy, France since the 9th century. They are made by taking an aniseed as a center and coating it in layers of anise-flavored sugary syrup. The process takes 15 days. Hard candy drops and liquorice twists are also flavored with anise.

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Discussion Comments


@alisha-- No, anise is mostly safe, especially in quantities found in anise candies.

It might have side effects if you were taking it in another form for its medicinal properties. I don't think a few anise candies a day will do much.

It's still best to be careful if you're pregnant or breastfeeding though. I also know that women with breast cancer or with cysts in their breast should avoid anise tea because it acts like estrogen in the body. I don't think anise candy has enough anise in it to cause problems though.

You can also look up an anise candy recipe and make it at home. That way you can control how much anise is in it.


Are there any side effects of anise?

I'm addicted to French anise candies and my friend brought me a large bag of them. I've been eating 4-5 pieces every day. Is that bad?


I love anise candy squares after dinner. Anise candies help digest my meal, soothe my stomach and freshen my breath. They're a life-saver after eating foods with onion and garlic. I think this is also why Indian restaurants offer sugar-coated aniseed to chew on after meals. But I prefer hard anise candies.

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    • Anise or aniseed (Pimpinella anisum).
      Anise or aniseed (Pimpinella anisum).
    • Anise candies might relieve a sore throat.
      By: absolutimages
      Anise candies might relieve a sore throat.
    • Hunters commonly eat anise candy to mask their breath while hunting deer.
      By: Jorge Moro
      Hunters commonly eat anise candy to mask their breath while hunting deer.
    • Anise oil gives candy a licorice-like taste.
      By: Bert Folsom
      Anise oil gives candy a licorice-like taste.