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What Is Banana Cereal?

Megan Shoop
Megan Shoop

The term banana cereal may refer to one of two things: cereal that includes pieces of banana in the mix, or cereal that includes banana flavoring in the cereal pieces themselves. Commercial manufacturers make many versions of both kinds of banana cereal. Those who enjoy breakfast cereals can also create their own banana cereal at home with fresh, dried, or fried bananas. These cereals are also very versatile because they can be used to make banana-flavored smoothies and parfaits.

The simplest banana cereal is little more than one’s favorite cereal with a fresh banana sliced into it. This is a popular way to add bulk and nutrition to a fast morning meal, and can be especially nutritious if the cereal is made from whole-grain. Oatmeal also tastes wonderful with bananas in it, making this fruit a tasty addition to both hot and cold morning meals. The bananas themselves may be dusted with a little brown sugar or cinnamon before slicing to give cereal a special touch.

Bunch of bananas.
Bunch of bananas.

Those who love a hearty breakfast may add other fruits to their banana cereal to create original flavors. Strawberry-banana is popular, as is banana-raisin. Hot cereal might benefit from the addition of chopped dates, figs, currants, or even a spoonful of mashed sweet potatoes, in addition to banana slices. Honey, almonds, walnuts, and cashews also taste delicious in most banana cereals. These nuts may be raw, whole, toasted, or slivered, depending on what the cook likes best. Sunflower and roasted pumpkin seeds might also be crunchy, tasty options.

Currants are a popular addition to hot banana cereal.
Currants are a popular addition to hot banana cereal.

When choosing between cereal containing real bananas and banana-flavored cereal, it is important to weigh nutrition options. Banana cereal flavored with artificial extracts may contain high amounts of sugar and few vitamins or minerals. Those who enjoy these cereals might consider adding a few slices of real banana as well. Not only does this add vitamins, it underscores the sweet banana extract already in the cereal.

Either kind of banana cereal may taste wonderful when layered with vanilla or cinnamon yogurt in a parfait. Any of the fruits mentioned above could also be added to to such a layered treat. Those who enjoy tropical parfaits can combine banana cereal with lemon, orange, coconut, or pineapple yogurts. These recipes may also be blended into smoothies for a breakfast on-the-go. Smoothies should typically start with the dry cereal being pulsed in a blender until it becomes fine and crumbly. This generally helps give the smoothie a pleasant, more drinkable consistency.

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Though I've never been a big breakfast person, this article really does emphasize how important it is eat something to start the day off. Though breakfast isn't required, it definitely helps you to break that fast (note the word break-fast), and it gives you the energy and boost you need to start off. In fact, I'm starting to have second thoughts about skipping breakfast in the morning.


While I do enjoy putting bananas in my cereal, I tend to avoid it with the sugary kinds, such as Lucky Charms and Coco Puffs. They're sweet enough on their own, and the flavors of the bananas and and other fruits don't mesh well at all.

In fact, I find that it works a lack better for cereals that lack much of a taste. For example, just look at Honey Nut Cheerios. Though not the most flavorful of cereals, it still tastes pretty great, and adding bananas is just the icing in the cake.


The article does a great job at emphasizing the fact that there's more to having a breakfast than a bowl of cereal and milk in the morning. Further adding onto this, notice how even in the cereal commercials, it says that the brand of cereal (whether it's Honey Nut Cheerios or even Raisin Bran) is part of a nutritious breakfast. During the summer time, to make my mornings a bit more nutritious, I generally add bananas and strawberries.

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    • Bunch of bananas.
      Bunch of bananas.
    • Currants are a popular addition to hot banana cereal.
      By: Christian Jung
      Currants are a popular addition to hot banana cereal.