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What is Kabanos?

Anna T.
Anna T.

Kabanos, which is also known as kabanosy, is a type of Polish sausage. This type of sausage is normally made of pork, although beef, lamb, or turkey might also be used. Kabanosy comes in many different sizes, but it is traditionally served in 24-inch (60-cm) lengths. Unlike many other types of sausage, kabanos is not heavily seasoned, and most varieties contain only salt and pepper for extra flavor. Many people like kabanosy because it tends to have a smoky taste, and it can keep for a long time without spoiling.

When kabanos is served in long lengths, it is usually folded up several times so that it fits onto a standard plate. Kabanosy may be served as part of a main dish or as an appetizer. This type of sausage is also a popular snack food because it takes a long time to spoil. It is not uncommon for some hikers to take kabanos with them on hiking excursions because it keeps so well and requires no preparation before eating. Unlike some other types of sausage, kabanosy is very dry in texture, so it is also not messy to eat.

Kabanos are sometimes flavored with coriander.
Kabanos are sometimes flavored with coriander.

In the United States, kabanos is typically made of pork. Throughout Europe, it is much more common to find kabanosy made of beef, lamb, and other meats, although pork is also used there. Some people in various parts of the world make this type of sausage with horse meat. Jewish delis that serve kabanos typically use turkey to make it because that is considered kosher, whereas the use of pork would not be considered kosher. The term kosher refers to the dietary laws of the Jewish religion, and people of that faith typically try to avoid eating the meat of certain animals, including pigs.

People serve kabanos with many different foods and cook it in several different ways. Some of the more common methods of cooking kabanosy involve frying, baking, and grilling, although some people prefer to chop it up in tiny pieces and add it to their soups for extra flavor. When kabanos is served as an appetizer, cheese and crackers may be offered alongside it. Even though this type of sausage is traditionally not heavily seasoned, many people who make it from scratch do get creative with their ingredients. Some ingredients that may be added to enhance the flavor of kabanosy include paprika, mustard seed, and coriander, as well as ginger or nutmeg.

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    • Kabanos are sometimes flavored with coriander.
      By: zoë biggs
      Kabanos are sometimes flavored with coriander.