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What Is Organic Molasses?

Angela Colley
Angela Colley

Organic molasses is a syrup made from certified organic sugar cane. Sugar cane leaves are harvested, mashed, and boiled, separating the sugar from the thick syrup and creating molasses. Molasses is a natural sweetener used for cooking at home and by manufacturers of sweets and snacks. There are three popular types of molasses — first, second, and blackstrap molasses. Each type has a different flavor.

Manufacturers process and bottle organic molasses to use in cooking and baking. The syrup can be used in its pure form for a variety of purposes, such as sweetening drinks, adding flavor to cereals and oatmeal, and as a sweetener for baking and cooking. Molasses is also a common ingredient in pre-made foods such as granola bars and cookies. Organic pet bakeries often add molasses to dog treats and pet foods to give them a natural sweetness without adding harmful ingredients to the product.

Sugar cane, the base ingredient of molasses.
Sugar cane, the base ingredient of molasses.

The process of dividing sugar creates three types of molasses. When pure cane sugar leaves are boiled, it produces first molasses. First molasses has the highest sugar content and the sweetest flavor. Second molasses is produced when the leaves are boiled a second time. This type of molasses has a darker color and slightly bitter taste.

Blackstrap molasses is produced when sugar cane leaves are boiled for the third time. Boiling the leaves the first two times eliminates most of the sugar, giving blackstrap molasses a crisp, bitter taste. While this type of molasses does not provide much sweetness, it does have a rich flavor and a dark coloring that can be used as a baking or cooking ingredient.

Organic molasses being poured from a spoon.
Organic molasses being poured from a spoon.

Certain types of molasses contain sulphur. When sugar cane leaves are picked green or at an immature stage, farmers treat the leaves with sulphur, and some sulphur appears in the final product. Organic molasses brands do not have sulphur. Certified organic famers allow the sugar cane to reach maturity and do not apply chemicals or other treating agents to the sugar cane leaves before processing. As a result, consumers get a syrup made from purely organic sugar cane and no byproducts or fillers.

Ginger molasses bread made with organic molasses.
Ginger molasses bread made with organic molasses.

Organic molasses is better for a consumer’s health than refined sugars, which are high in simple carbohydrates, or artificial sweeteners, which contain chemicals and other additives. Blackstrap molasses has other health benefits as well, as it contains nutrients and minerals from the sugar cane. This type of molasses provides calcium and iron as well as other minerals.

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@Sara007 - Organic molasses is a better buy than regular molasses if you ask me. I find that it has a richer flavor, and it is nice to know that they haven't used chemicals to further the process of making it along.

Also, organic molasses is really good for you health wise. It has a lot of iron in it and it can be really beneficial to use it if you suffer from anemia or have heavy periods.

One of the really interesting things organic molasses is that is great at providing much needed calcium calcium. Using molasses as a sweetener means you don't have to consume as much milk.


Does anyone know how wholesome organic molasses really is? Is it actually better than just using over the counter molasses?

I have noticed that organic molasses is more expensive than regular molasses and I really want to make sure it is worth my while to purchase it. I bake a lot and I love to use quality molasses in my gingerbread cookies. It also is a really nice addition when I am making baked beans.

Also, are there any additional health benefits to using organic molasses? I know that molasses can be used to heal all sorts of ailments, and I just wonder if the organic kind is fundamentally better.


@Clairdelune - You asked about blackstrap molasses. Yes,it is bitter, but kind of bittersweet. I usually add it to baked beans and gingerbread. If I can find it, I use the organic variety.

After the third boiling of the sugar cane, not much sugar is left, so the first and second boilings are not as healthy as blackstrap.

The organic molasses has lots of nutrients in it. It has iron, calcium, and manganese,among others.It is far healthier than refined sugar, which has virtually no nutrients in it. Some people take a tablespoon or so each day as a natural supplement.


Wow! Did this article teach me a lot about molasses! Is all I knew before, was that it was dark, kind of sweet and came in a bottle.

So molasses first and second have some sugar left in them. If blackstrap molasses is bitter tasting, why would you use it in baked goods? Maybe this is the kind of molasses that they use in making rum.

The way they make molasses is interesting. After they cook the sugar cane leaves and separate the sugar out, I wonder what is the molasses part made of?

With organic molasses, waiting for the leaves to ripen completely so you don't have to add sulfur and then not adding anything to it, must cost extra money - but that's the way it is with organic products.

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    • Sugar cane, the base ingredient of molasses.
      Sugar cane, the base ingredient of molasses.
    • Organic molasses being poured from a spoon.
      By: grafismail
      Organic molasses being poured from a spoon.
    • Ginger molasses bread made with organic molasses.
      By: Nightman1965
      Ginger molasses bread made with organic molasses.
    • Molasses cookie made with organic molasses.
      By: Calgary Reviews
      Molasses cookie made with organic molasses.