What Is Persimmon Pulp?

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

While most persimmon fruit aficionados prefer to eat their fruit fresh, many recipes call for persimmon pulp. Persimmon pulp is the pureed fruit of whichever types of persimmons are called for in a recipe. The juicy pulp does not contain the seeds of the fruit, though it can include the skin if desired.


Preparing persimmon pulp is considered a very simple process. Persimmons should be fully rinsed prior to being transformed into pulp in order to ensure the cleanest product possible. The inner seeds are removed from the fruit, usually with a spoon, before pulping begins as well. Dirt, stems, and any other unwanted material should also be removed from the fruit before making it into pulp.

The rest of the fruit is then run through a food processor or blender, and blended until the pulp is smooth and ready for use. A chunkier puree can be made with a mortar and pestle if desired. Depending upon the use of the puree, some cooks may want it to be much thinner. In this case, it can be forced through a sieve to ensure the finest consistency possible.

Once prepared, persimmon pulp is a versatile food component that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Many people create persimmon pulp to include it in jams, which can be spread on toast or even presented as handmade gifts in attractive jars. When making cookies, cakes, or other treats featuring the flavor of persimmon, pulp is usually required as well.

One of the most popular ways of using persimmon pulp is in making persimmon pudding. This brownie-like confection is known for its pie-like consistency, and is prepared with butter, milk, and cinnamon. Several other ingredients, such as sugar, are also utilized in typical recipes. Often topped with a vanilla-flavored buttery sauce, the pudding can also be served with whipped topping or any other garnish preferred.

Persimmon pulp-based foods are not, however, limited to the sweet variety. Several savory foods, such as curries, may also be made with the smashed fruit. The pulp is also delicious when served on top of cereal. Many people enjoy tossing their salads with the fruit, along with some pine nuts or sunflower seeds, for a fresh summer meal.

Many different types of persimmons exist. Persimmon pulp can generally be made from any of them. The Japanese hachiya persimmon is one of the most common types used for pulping and cooking.

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

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@bear78-- I've used frozen persimmon pulp. It works just fine. If you're planning on purchasing online though, make sure it arrives overnight and with ice packs if it's summer. You don't want the product to thaw on its way to you. My organic grocery carries persimmon pulp so I've never had to purchase online.

I highly recommend persimmon pudding to everyone here. If you've never had it before, you must try it. It's one of the best persimmon recipes out there and a great way to use persimmon pulp.


@bear78-- Yes, pulp and puree are basically different words for the same thing. The best persimmon pulp is homemade. My mother makes it every year using ripe persimmon. This fruit becomes very soft when ripe so it's very easy to make a pulp with it.

You can make very different kinds of desserts with persimmon pulp. I've made cookies with them before. I'm sure they would make a great pie too. My mom made persimmon jam once. That was so good that we ate all of it in just a few days.


So persimmon pulp and puree are the same right. I can't find the pulp anywhere and I found the puree at only one place. I want to make dessert with it. The puree is frozen. I'd actually preferred canned but I'll have to make do.

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