What is Vegetarian Bacon?

Misty Amber Brighton

Vegetarian bacon is a food eaten by people who do not wish to consume pork. Sometimes called fakon, this food resembles strips of regular bacon. It is usually made from soy, eggs, and wheat products. This bacon alternative is normally found frozen, and does not need to be thawed before it is cooked.

Vegetarian meat crumbles are made of textured vegetable protein.
Vegetarian meat crumbles are made of textured vegetable protein.

Fakon much resembles traditional pork bacon in shape and color. Some brands may contain food coloring in order to make this product nearly the same color. The texture of vegetarian bacon may be more like turkey bacon than that made from pork. There is usually very little fat on a strip of this bacon alternative.

Wheat may be used to make vegetarian bacon.
Wheat may be used to make vegetarian bacon.

People can cook vegetarian bacon in a skillet under low or medium heat. Additional oil or cooking spray does not need to be added to the skillet. Fakon can also be placed on a bacon rack and cooked in a microwave on high setting. This food is usually not greasy when it is cooked, and therefore does not need to be drained on paper towels.

Fakon should not be allowed to thaw before it is cooked. Care should be taken to heat this product to an internal temperature of around 165° F (73.89° C). Overcooking is not recommended, as this bacon alternative could become too dry or brittle to enjoy.

This vegetarian cuisine can be eaten along with scrambled eggs for a healthy breakfast. It might also be used on sandwiches. Fakon could also be crumbled and put in casseroles, soups, or on salads. Many people prefer to eat this bacon alternative as an evening snack.

Soybeans are one of the main ingredients in vegetarian bacon. Other products used to make this vegetarian cuisine include eggs, wheat, cornstarch, yeast, and sugar. For this reason, people who are allergic to any of these products should forgo eating this bacon alternative.

Each serving of vegetarian bacon is around 60 calories. Like regular bacon, these strips also contain a great deal of sodium. Vitamins such as B1, B6 and B2 might be added to give fakon extra nutritional value.

Fakon can be purchased in the frozen food section of a supermarket. It normally comes in packages that are around 5.25 ounces (150 g), and contain approximately 10 to 12 strips of vegetarian bacon. There are many brands available, so finding the best one can be a matter of trying several until an individual finds one to suit him.

Flour tortillas can be used to make a BLT wrap sandwich made with soy bacon, lettuce, and tomato.
Flour tortillas can be used to make a BLT wrap sandwich made with soy bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

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Discussion Comments


@nextcorrea - You seem to have a lot of experience with vegan bacon. What would you consider to be the best brand? I have tried a few but not cared much for them. It sounds like you know what's good.


@Summing - I agree that a lot of veggie bacon is not very good. But I think if you know how to cook with it you can make some really tasty dishes and maybe even satisfy your carving for some bacon.

I think the key with veggies bacon is to not eat it on its own. It has to be an ingredient. I have made some really tasty salads by crumbling up veggie bacon and using it like bacon bits. I've also done this with baked potatoes. There are also some casseroles that use veggie bacon and once the bacon is cooked in with everything else you would not know the difference. Don't give up yet, there are ways to make it taste good.


I have been a vegetarian for almost two years now and in general it has not been hard. With a little will power and self awareness it is possible to overcome your cravings for meat and to enjoy vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes in ways you could never have imagined before.

But I always loved bacon and I still get the craving for that really badly. Anyone who has tried bacon substitutes before knows that they are not very good. Even turkey bacon leaves a lot of people feeling disappointed. So you can only imagine what veggie bacon tastes like. I have tried four or five different brands but none of them is what I would consider edible. I guess it's a bacon free life for me.

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