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How Do I Choose the Best Donut Mix?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Donuts are small, traditionally round cakes, with holes the centers that come in a variety of flavors, textures, and types. Donuts can be produced commercially or you can make your own homemade donuts. Several varieties can be made from prepackaged donut mix, which is available from a number of sources. Yeast, or raised, donuts are light and airy while cake donuts have a denser consistency.

If you wish to make donuts commercially, you will need a high-quality mix. You want excellent flavor and texture, but you also want to make a profit. With that in mind, you may find it more cost-effective to buy in bulk and choose a mix that requires few added ingredients to prepare may be favorable. Not only can you save money on the extra ingredients, but you can also save time during preparation. Compare mixes to see which ones provide both excellence and value.


If you want to make glazed or frosted donuts, check to see if the donut mix you plan to use has a coordinating mix for glaze or frosting. Mixing and matching brands or recipes can work, but you may get better results using an icing that is made to accompany a particular mix. You may also be able to obtain a discount by buying both products from the same source.

Chocolate glazed donuts.
Chocolate glazed donuts.

When choosing a donut mix to make donuts at home, you will likely want to start with one of your favorite flavors. You might also wish to try other varieties, and you may well discover some new favorites. You might also try combining mixes to create your own unique flavors. Look for small packages so you can sample different types and flavors without spending a lot of money. Once you discover one or more that you really enjoy, you may obtain better deals by buying in larger quantities.

Donut mix.
Donut mix.

Be sure to choose the appropriate type of donut mix for the equipment you will be using. Some mixes are specially formulated for use with donut machines. Also, check out recipes. You can make your own donut mix from scratch if you like, instead of purchasing a prepackaged option.

If you are looking for something a bit healthier, some recipes or brands of donut mix may also offer lighter varieties than those that are typically high in fat and calories. Such healthy options may contain whole wheat flour or other whole grains. Low-fat donuts are generally baked rather than fried. Check the instructions for other healthy tips.

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This is probably just personal preference, but I like the donut mixes where you have to add the eggs and butter yourself. It tastes better.


@anamur-- I don't sell donuts but I have purchased donut mixes and made them at home before. The donuts usually come out quite good, but I have never been able to use the glazes. For some reason, the glazes that come with donut mixes taste awful. I make my own.

If anyone is planning to get a donut mix with the glaze, please taste the glaze before you put it on the donuts or you might end up throwing them away.


My uncle has a bakery and they also make donuts. He uses a commercial donut mix to make them. I was very surprised when I found out because his donuts are amazing. I didn't realize that commercial mixes can taste so good. All he has to do is add water to the mix!

The glazes come with the mix too, in several different flavors. I think practically anyone can make donuts this way.

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    • Donuts.
    • Chocolate glazed donuts.
      By: gcpics
      Chocolate glazed donuts.
    • Donut mix.
      By: HamsterMan
      Donut mix.