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What Is a Glazed Donut?

Marissa Meyer
Marissa Meyer

Fried, sweetened pastries, known as donuts, are frequent additions to breakfast and snack menus. Donuts are generally topped with some sort of topping, such as frosting, powdered sugar, or a glaze made from combinations of milk, sugar, and vanilla or cocoa powder. Other flavors may be mixed into the glaze for a specialty donut. Most bakeries include a glazed donut on the menu, as it is a favorite among donut connoisseurs.

Donuts are light, sweet baked goods made by mixing flour, yeast, egg, sugar, and butter into a dough. The batter is shaped into an open circle, or rolled into a ball, and fried in vegetable oil. Once the pastries have cooled, they can be dipped into the glaze. Many bakers add sprinkles or sugar over the glazed donut while it is still wet, since the glaze will bind the toppings to the confection.

Chocolate glazed donuts.
Chocolate glazed donuts.

A glaze typically begins with heating milk in a saucepan. Vanilla extract, cocoa powder, or other flavorings may be stirred into the milk, but these should either be in liquid form or easily melted into a liquid. Once the milk mixture is smooth, confectioners sugar is whisked in until the glaze thickens slightly, but is still runny enough for donuts to be easily dipped. When making many donuts, the glaze can be kept warm and liquified without burning by pouring it into a bowl, which is placed over another bowl full of hot water.

Glazed donuts should be eaten the day they are baked.
Glazed donuts should be eaten the day they are baked.

Each glazed donut will take about five minutes to cool after being coated. Once the confection has cooled, the glaze will form a hard shell around the soft dough, which helps keep the donut from drying out, and adds a desirable texture. While cooling, a glazed donut should be placed on an elevated rack, as the coating may drip.

Ideally, a glazed donut should be eaten the same day it has been baked, since the glaze can absorb into the dough over time, affecting its texture. If more donuts are baked than what will be eaten the same day, the pastries may be frozen in zipper bags prior to glazing. Once they are to be consumed, the baker can warm them in the oven, and prepare fresh glaze in which to dip them. If donuts that have already been glazed cannot be eaten the same day, they should not be stored in sealed containers, since these will lock moisture in and make them soggy. Loosely covering them with paper towel, or placing them in a cardboard box, should keep them fresh enough to be served the following day.

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It's ironic that schools are starting to adopt policies for better meals to be served in the school cafeterias, but some of the same schools are still selling donuts as a way to raise money for the various school organizations and school activities.

When I was in school, we could buy donuts every Friday during lunch. In fact, many people ate donuts instead of buying lunch. Is it any wonder that so many of our children are overweight and developing bad eating habits? It's hard enough for adults to consistently make wise food choices. How can we expect children to eat healthy when we are constantly surrounding them with donuts and other unhealthy foods?


@mobilian33 - I too love the simplicity and the irresistible deliciousness of the glazed donut. However, my favorite donuts without a doubt are the chocolate donuts. Whenever I see the light on at a donut shop, announcing that a fresh batch is ready, it takes all of my will power to not stop in and grab a dozen of them.

It's a shame that something so good as donuts is so very bad for our health. I don't think donuts have any redeeming qualities when it comes to health, but they are so good.


We always called these plain donuts. At least, that is what we called the ones that had the clear vanilla icing. What I like about them is they are so simple, yet they taste so good. When I was young, there were few things better than going into one of the larger towns, and getting the warm donuts.

Going to the donuts store with my mother or my father and my brothers and sisters is one of my favorite childhood memories. I can't pass by one of the shops to this day without smiling.

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    • Chocolate glazed donuts.
      By: gcpics
      Chocolate glazed donuts.
    • Glazed donuts should be eaten the day they are baked.
      By: homydesign
      Glazed donuts should be eaten the day they are baked.