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How Do I Choose the Best Fuji Apple?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

The Fuji apple is one of the most popular fruits worldwide due to its versatility and sweet taste. These apples are renowned for their long life, but it is important to look for certain characteristics before buying to ensure that they will last when you take them home. The best apples should not have any soft or brown spots on them, because this indicates that the fruit is spoiled. When choosing these apples, opt for versions that are smooth and firm in texture, as well as bright in color. Once you choose the best apples from a store or farmer’s market, it is important that you store them properly, as the Fuji apple is versatile enough to eat by itself, but it can also complement a variety of different recipes.

Fuji apples are indigenous to Japan, where they were developed in the 1950s as a cross between two other apples: Ralls Janet and Red Delicious. For this reason, the Fuji apple is primarily red in color, but it also contains yellow and green stripes throughout. If a particular apple does not have this appearance, then it is likely not a true Fuji apple. Also,

Fuji apple.
Fuji apple.

Once you purchase your apples, it is important to store them at home properly to preserve their life. Many types of apples can last for days in a traditional fruit basket without affecting their taste, especially when it comes to the more sour versions. Fuji apples are kept exceptionally better in the refrigerator, because the cold temperatures help to preserve their sweetness. Also, apple refrigeration will make the fruit last for weeks, which will ultimately save you money from wasted and spoiled produce.

Box of Fuji apples.
Box of Fuji apples.

As with other apples, Fuji varieties are an autumn staple. Although this type of apple is generally harvested in the fall, they are available in most stores year-round to keep up with high consumer demand. If Fuji apples are grown in your area, then the best selection will likely be in October and November at your local farmer’s markets and grocery stores.

Sweet Fuji apples are often used to make apple pie and other baked desserts.
Sweet Fuji apples are often used to make apple pie and other baked desserts.

Certain types of apples are the best choices for certain types of recipes. Having Fuji apples on hand is convenient for the avid cook and baker, because they are extremely versatile in a number of recipes. These apples can be used in pies and other desserts, as well as processed into applesauce. Apples also complement salads, fruit cocktails, and even pork dishes.

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I have a Fuji apple tree on my property. It doesn't give the same amount of fruit every year, but on the years it gives a lot of apples, we have a feast.

I actually don't think that Fuji apples are very good for cooking and baking. They're very crisp apples, so they're best enjoyed fresh. I like my apples tart, so I pick them before they have ripened all the way. I eat them fresh and gift extra to friends and neighbors. I've never tried making pies or other baked goods with them. I think golden delicious or pink lady apples are better for pies.


@literally45-- Yes, sometimes they can be a bit tart/sour, but usually they are sweet. They are quite large and round and very crisp and juicy.

Fuji apples are my favorite. They don't turn mushy like red delicious apples and they keep well. I usually take one to work as a snack. Sometimes I eat it after it has sat on my desk for a few days and it still tastes great. They also have a good price, compared to some other apple varieties.

Have you ever had fresh Fuji apple juice? That's amazing too.


I'm sure I've eaten lots of red Fuji apples although I never know what the different apples are called. It's the one that has a thin, shiny skin and tastes kind of sweet and kind of tart, right?

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    • Fuji apple.
      Fuji apple.
    • Box of Fuji apples.
      By: Darya Pino
      Box of Fuji apples.
    • Sweet Fuji apples are often used to make apple pie and other baked desserts.
      By: CandyBox Images
      Sweet Fuji apples are often used to make apple pie and other baked desserts.
    • Fuji apples may be found in a fruit cocktail.
      By: berc
      Fuji apples may be found in a fruit cocktail.