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How Do I Choose the Best Rice Cereal?

T. Carrier
T. Carrier

Rice cereal is a food product that comes in a few different varieties, so choosing an acceptable cereal will first consist of determining the type of cereal desired. One form of rice cereal is a component of infant diets, while other forms consumed by adults are available in hot and cold versions. Taste and nutritional value may be further considerations. In addition, price and consumer review comparisons can also help in choosing a rice cereal.

Available nutrients contained within rice cereals should be evaluated, particularly if the rice cereal is for infants. Since iron helps bolster the body’s growth, this mineral will likely comprise a large portion of the nutrient content in good rice cereals, as will vitamin E. A cereal made with non-chemical, organic ingredients may also be a healthy choice. If you are breast-feeding an infant, you should also consider excluding cereals with artificial oils or fats. The child's digestive system may not be prepared for these substances.

A rice plant.
A rice plant.

Taste preferences will likely play a part in any food purchasing decision as well. For adult cereals, you may prefer either hot cereal or cold puffed rice cereal. The latter kind is crunchier and easier to prepare, whereas hot rice cereal will more likely resemble the consistency and taste of oatmeal.

Further, the main component of rice cereals may consist of either brown rice or white rice. Brown rice is chewier, more nutritious, and has a taste somewhat reminiscent of nuts. In contrast, white rice has a lighter, more neutral taste and texture that lends itself to blending with other ingredients. As for added ingredients, rice cereals may be available with flavorings like various fruit tastes.

Uncooked rice.
Uncooked rice.

Factors aside from the cereal content itself might further influence your decision. Rice cereals are offered and packaged in many ways. Store-bought types are usually of instant cooking varieties, where you simply add milk, water, or some other liquid. Manufacturers might offer these products in individual boxes or in multi-packs containing many small packets for individuals on the go. If you desire more individual control over your cereal contents, however, you might want to try one of the many rice cereal recipes available in cookbooks or online.

Brown rice has more nutritional benefits than white rice.
Brown rice has more nutritional benefits than white rice.

When price is a concern, you should probably opt for a low-cost manufactured cereal. Price evaluations are available on consumer review websites, as are product reviews from consumers. These sites are therefore valuable potential sources of information for the cereal consumer.

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@SarahGen-- My son eats infant rice cereal too. I get the organic kind because I think that's safer and healthier. Also, you can find infant rice cereals with or without added iron. I think the one with iron is better but you might want to ask your doctor first. Sometimes, iron enriched infant cereals can cause constipation in some infants. My son has never had this problem, but if your doctor already has this problem, ask your doctor for a specific recommendation.

Otherwise, any organic brand should be fine.


My daughter is six months old and she will be starting solid foods. I'm thinking of starting her out with baby rice cereal and then trying other cereals depending on her likes. What type of rice cereal is best? Can moms here give me some recommendations? What do I need to look out for when selecting one?


I eat puffed rice cereal every morning. It's my favorite type of cereal and I've been eating it for years. Sometimes, I make a change and buy cereal made of both wheat and rice. I like both of them, but wheat and rice taste very different. Rice cereal is tasty and fun to eat.

I have never tried hot rice cereal before. Has anyone tried it? What does it taste like?

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    • A rice plant.
      A rice plant.
    • Uncooked rice.
      By: airborne77
      Uncooked rice.
    • Brown rice has more nutritional benefits than white rice.
      By: Ekaterina Garyuk
      Brown rice has more nutritional benefits than white rice.