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What Are Bacon Muffins?

Bacon muffins are a savory twist on a breakfast classic, blending the rich, smoky flavor of bacon into the tender crumb of a muffin. Perfect for those who crave a hearty start to their day, these muffins offer a satisfying balance of comfort food and convenience. Wondering how they can transform your morning routine? Let's find out together.
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson

Bacon muffins are cake-like American muffins — not flat English muffins — which contain bacon. The bacon is usually mixed into the mixture so that the pieces of bacon are spread throughout the muffin. Mature cheese is often used in the muffins as a complementary flavor, along with other ingredients such as mustard and black pepper. Variations on the ordinary recipe for bacon muffins can include a variety of other ingredients such as turmeric and cayenne pepper. Like most savory muffins, they contain common muffin ingredients such as eggs, milk, and flour.

American style muffins are usually combined with sweet ingredients, unlike flat English muffins which can be used with both sweet and savory ingredients. Bacon muffins can be made as English muffins, by slicing them in half and using each piece like bread in a bacon sandwich. Most recipes for the dish use American muffins, however, which are more like cakes and often combined with berries. An ordinary sweet muffin mixture is made with pre-cooked bacon chopped up and mixed in.

Two strips of fried bacon.
Two strips of fried bacon.

Common ingredients in bacon muffins include bacon, mature cheese, flour, baking powder, eggs, and milk. Mature cheese is added to the dish to complement the bacon and add more of a savory twist to the ordinarily sweet dish. Different chefs use different cheeses, depending on their personal preference. Salt and pepper are often used to season the muffins, and bacon fat can be added to the mixture to infuse more bacon flavor.

Black pepper is often added to bacon muffins.
Black pepper is often added to bacon muffins.

Chefs can make their own additions, substitutions or omissions to the standard bacon muffins recipe. The dish is very malleable, and can be made spicier, sweeter, and more flavorful with the addition of various ingredients. Some chefs like to add mixed herbs, finely chopped red onions, or thyme to infuse more savory flavors into the dish. Mustard and cayenne pepper can be added to the dish to give it a spicy kick. Chefs who like to mix sweet and savory also add sugar to the muffin mixture.

The method for making bacon muffins is the same across most recipes. The bacon is pre-cooked by frying or grilling and chopped into small pieces. The dry ingredients, such as the cheese, bacon, flour, baking powder, and seasonings, are combined in a bowl. Chefs combine the wet ingredients such as eggs and milk in a separate container. The wet and dry ingredients are combined and weakly mixed so there are still lumps and then spooned into muffin cases for baking.

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    • Two strips of fried bacon.
      By: Viktor
      Two strips of fried bacon.
    • Black pepper is often added to bacon muffins.
      By: kellyschulz
      Black pepper is often added to bacon muffins.