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What are Some Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Knowing what a friend or loved one's interests and passions are really helps when it comes to choosing the right gift. This type of gift is also very thoughtful as it shows you took the time to consider their hobbies or passions. Gift ideas for wine lovers range from very inexpensive to very expensive, so there is something for every budget. You can also make great wine-related gifts for wine lovers.

One of the easiest to make gift ideas for wine lovers is a decoupage tray. Attractive wine labels are often available in the wine making section of a supermarket and you can find decoupage medium in a craft supply store. The finished tray can decorate a wall in a home bar and/or be used to serve wine to guests.

A gift basket with wine.
A gift basket with wine.

You could also put together a wine and cheese gift basket that features several bottles of wine and an assortment of cheeses, breads and maybe chocolates as well. Dessert-themed gift ideas for wine lovers could include sweeter wines and gourmet desserts such as fine chocolate and cheesecake. An alternative to giving bottles of wine, if you're not sure what kind to include, is to give a gift certificate so the recipient can choose his or her favorite wine. Monogrammed wine goblets are another great gift idea.

Wine tasting weekends make great gifts for wine lovers.
Wine tasting weekends make great gifts for wine lovers.

Books also make great gift ideas for wine lovers. You don't have to limit these to informational books only. Recipe books that include ideas for cooking with wine may be appreciated by those that love wine and love to cook. You can include a bottle or two of the wine called for in some of the recipes.

If you're looking for an elaborate gift for a loved one who is a wine lover, you can plan ahead and buy a rare bottle of wine. There are also wine of the month types of gifts available. Getaways to wine tasting weekends also make great gifts for wine lovers if you're looking for a larger gift. Even a day spent touring a winery that features a wine tasting may make a nice gift and you could follow it up with a great dinner and a fine bottle of wine.

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Moldova-I agree with you. Other ideas for a gift for a wine lover are tickets to a wine tasting event.

Usually there are many wine tasting events throughout the year. Buying tickets to an event like this will also allow the recipient to have something to look forward to and can really create a sense of excitement as the anticipation builds for the event.

If there are not any current wine tasting events, you might what to check into some of the trendy restaurants in the area or landmark hotels.

These venues would most likely participate in an event like that and they should be able to supply you with information on any future events.


Cafe41-I know that people that love wine might have a preference but I like the idea of combining gourmet foods with wine.

You can also put together a pasta gift basket and include a bottle of white wine with it. I think when you make the wine part of larger gift it makes it easier for the recipient to enjoy the gift because if they don’t like the wine then at least they can enjoy the other contents of the gift basket.


While wine can be intimidating if you are not a drinker, buying a yearly subscription to a wine of the month club, or simply buying a three month membership are great gift ideas for mom, and great gift ideas for dads.

In fact, these can also be gift ideas for a boyfriend birthday or girlfriend gift ideas. I also like the glassware gift idea.

I also think that if you are not sure what type of wine to buy you can also go to a liquor store and have the staff recommend a wine.

Many wine enthusiasts may have a preference, but I am sure they also like to discover new wines as well. They also have great gift baskets that combine cheese and chocolate to various types of wines to compliment that taste.

These are also great gift ideas for Christmas as well that you can find in liquor stores.


Great advice Geek! Buying Wine for winelovers is the obvious choice, but it can cause you to stress out... will he like it, does it show my ignorance etc...Another good idea is glassware, but it can be expensive, unless you go to this nice little store.

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    • A gift basket with wine.
      By: archana bhartia
      A gift basket with wine.
    • Wine tasting weekends make great gifts for wine lovers.
      By: contrastwerkstatt
      Wine tasting weekends make great gifts for wine lovers.
    • Handmade wine-glass charms are a nice gift.
      By: jameslyons
      Handmade wine-glass charms are a nice gift.
    • Ornamental glasses make a great gift for wine lovers.
      By: misaleva
      Ornamental glasses make a great gift for wine lovers.
    • Chocolate pairs well with wine.
      By: Stephen VanHorn
      Chocolate pairs well with wine.