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What Are the Different Types of Cake Pan Molds?

Cake pan molds come in a delightful variety of shapes and sizes, each designed to create a specific type of dessert. From classic round and square pans to intricate bundt and novelty shapes, the right mold can elevate your baking. Whether you're a seasoned baker or a curious novice, there's a pan for every creation. Ready to discover the perfect mold for your next masterpiece?
B. Miller
B. Miller

Cake pan molds are an excellent, easy way to make cakes in different, fun shapes for holidays or birthdays. They are available in hundreds of different shapes, from popular cartoon characters to animals, as well as specific holiday themes or even the basic birthday numbers. Typically, they are made of either non-stick aluminum or silicone, though some older cake pan molds may be made of tin. These molds will usually take a little bit of extra decorating effort to make the cake look like the intended shape and design, but many people find they are a fun way to add a special touch to a party or meal.

The most common cake pan molds are those that are made in the shape of various numbers to indicate a birthday. These are easier to frost as well, since they do not require drawing on any extra cartoon character features, or other details. These are similar in design to a sheet cake, simply with a different shape. Other novelty cake pan molds are available in a wide variety of shapes, such as snowmen for the holidays, pumpkins for Halloween, or various animals. Molds might also be available to match certain interests; for instance, a cake in the shape of a football, a guitar, or an airplane might be able to be created with a cake pan mold, among many, many other hobby options.

Silicone is a popular choice for bakeware molds.
Silicone is a popular choice for bakeware molds.

These are frequently also used for baby showers or wedding showers. A cake in the shape of a baby bottle or a buggy, for instance, can be a great addition to the party. Others may be made in the shape of wedding bells or a wedding dress. Regardless of the shape of the cake pan molds used, it is important to remember that they will still need to be decorated, usually with a variety of frosting colors. This can take a lot of extra time, and will typically require some cake-decorating skill.

Silicone cookware does not adhere to baked goods, and comes in all shapes and sizes.
Silicone cookware does not adhere to baked goods, and comes in all shapes and sizes.

The materials used to make cake pan molds are generally the standard ones used for baking. Aluminum is the most popular; though it is designed to be non-stick, it is generally still a good idea to apply a non-stick baking spray to ensure that smaller details are not lost on more intricate cakes. Silicone cake pan molds are popular as well, particular for shaped cakes, as these are easier to bend and remove the cake without damaging it. They also cool off a bit more quickly than aluminum.

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@rundocuri- Though it's not a cooking use for cake pan molds, they also make great toys for playing in the sand.

I gave my young niece and nephew an old set of cake pan molds that I no longer used for baking for them to use to play in their sandbox and to take to the beach. They have spent hours making their own versions of "cakes" in the sand.

@rundocuri- A neat use for a Bundt cake pan mold is for making gelatin molds. This type of pan makes a pretty gelatin dish for special occasions, especially when you add different fruits and vegetables into the mix.

You can also use a Bundt cake pan mold during the holiday season for jellied cranberry dishes. The wreath-like shape it creates is perfect for this seasonal favorite.


@ocelot60- That is a great idea that I never thought of doing. It would certainly cut down on the need for a lot of different types of cookware to use your cake pans for a variety of cooking needs besides just baking cakes.

Does anyone have other tips for different uses for cake pan molds?


I think that a rectangular cake pan mold is the most versatile because you can use it for more than just baking cakes. In addition to making sheet cakes and layer cakes with a rectangle-shaped cake pan, you can also use it to bake main courses and side dishes.

I use my rectangular cake pan to make all kinds of casserole dishes. It is the perfect size, and is ideal for all kinds of pasta and rice recipes. It is also perfect to roast different kinds of meats, such as roasts, baked chicken, and broiled fish.

I also use the same pan to make side dishes like roasted vegetables. It makes they perfectly because it is shallow enough for ideal roasting conditions.

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    • Silicone is a popular choice for bakeware molds.
      By: nito
      Silicone is a popular choice for bakeware molds.
    • Silicone cookware does not adhere to baked goods, and comes in all shapes and sizes.
      By: Crisferra
      Silicone cookware does not adhere to baked goods, and comes in all shapes and sizes.