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What Is a Fasnacht?

A Fasnacht is a traditional German pastry, akin to a doughnut, savored during the pre-Lenten celebration of Fastnacht. These delectable treats are deep-fried to golden perfection, symbolizing the last indulgence before the fasting period. Often dusted with sugar or filled with sweet surprises, Fasnachts bring a taste of heritage to your palate. Ready to discover the flavors of this festive delight?
Karize Uy
Karize Uy

Fasnacht is a type of pastry eaten during Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras as part of tradition before Easter mostly in Europe and in some American states. It is very much like a hole-less doughnut, but is traditionally shaped like a diamond or a rectangle. They can also be made plain or filled with some jam, just like round doughnuts. Fasnacht can also be spelled in various ways, such as “fastnacht”, “fassenacht,” or “faschnacht.”

Many scholars say that the word “fasnacht” means “the night before the fast,” since the doughnuts are eaten the night before Lent, when fasting is usually observed by many Christians until Easter Sunday. People believed that making fastnachts was a way to consume all the fats, such as butter and lard, kept in the house pantry, as these rich ingredients were seen as lavish and were not supposed to be eaten during the Lenten season. Some experts, however, translate the word fastnacht to mean “chamfering night,” probably in reference to how the doughnuts are cut into diamonds, creating chamfers at the sides of the pastry. The doughnuts were traced from either Germany or the Netherlands and then spread to different countries such as in Switzerland and the US. People in the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland, in particular, where many German and Dutch immigrants relocated, still eat the pastry to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Fasnacht is traditionally eaten on Mardis Gras.
Fasnacht is traditionally eaten on Mardis Gras.

For the starch, tradition calls for the use of potatoes, which are usually boiled and mashed to complete the dough, aside from incorporating some flour and yeast as well. The dough is first set aside to rise before it's divided into smaller pieces, which are then shaped and deep-fried until golden and crisp. The doughnuts usually have a slit in the middle to release the pressure and aid in even cooking. Some bakers provide a less-fattening alternative to health-conscious consumers by baking the fasnachts instead of frying them.

A cup of coffee may help to balance out the sweetness of a fasnacht.
A cup of coffee may help to balance out the sweetness of a fasnacht.

After frying or baking, the fasnacht can be manually filled with a jam or cream filling. Traditionally, it would usually be served either plain or with a final dusting of confectioner’s or plain white sugar. Today, this pastry can be available sugar-glazed, egg-brushed, or with a sugar-cinnamon dusting. It is best eaten warm or cold, perhaps with a cup of coffee to balance the pastry’s sweetness.

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@Nefertini - I've had the pleasure of eating king cake in New Orleans. The one I had tasted like cinnamon rolls and was quite good. When I lived in Pennsylvania, you could pre-order fasnachts from your favorite bakery. Some churches also take pre-orders and make and sell this pastry for fundraisers during Fat Tuesday and the pre-Lenten season.


In New Orleans, they eat a special cake called a king cake to celebrate Fat Tuesday or Mardis Gras. The traditional version is a braided or twist ring-shaped pastry that is iced and decorated with traditional Mardis Gras colors of green, purple, and yellow. The baker puts a trinket inside the cake and whoever receives the piece with this trinket, which is usually a small plastic baby to represent baby Jesus but which can also be a tiny plastic king or a coin or bean, is the king or queen of the party.

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    • Fasnacht is traditionally eaten on Mardis Gras.
      By: Renate W.
      Fasnacht is traditionally eaten on Mardis Gras.
    • A cup of coffee may help to balance out the sweetness of a fasnacht.
      By: nata777_7
      A cup of coffee may help to balance out the sweetness of a fasnacht.