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What Is Calamari Salad?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

A calamari salad is a salad that features calamari, better known as squid, as its main ingredient. Depending on the preparation of both the calamari as well as the other ingredients, a calamari salad can be a relatively light starter or side, or it may be something that can be consumed as a full meal. In some cases, a calamari salad may consist primarily of pickled calamari, while in other cases the calamari may be added to a green salad as a topping. When squid is added to a salad, it may be breaded and deep fried, sauteed, or grilled. The calories and overall nutritional profile of these salads depend considerably on both the method of cooking the squid as well as the other ingredients.

One common type of calamari salad, often found behind deli counters, is a salad made of chopped calamari and vegetables that have been marinated in a oil and vinegar dressing. Depending on the recipe, the salad may have a sweet and tart flavor. In some variations, the calamari is blended with other types of seafood. These salads are often found in markets that carry a significant amount of Mediterranean groceries. The various other vegetables and seasonings used in a marinated calamari salad may vary according to the ethnicity of the recipe used to prepare it.

Salad with calamari.
Salad with calamari.

In many restaurants, fried calamari is a popular appetizer or hors d'oeuvre. Those restaurants that also offer green salads on their menus may add fried calamari to greens and sell it as a dinner salad. One typical version of this type of calamari salad is the calamari Caesar salad. In this salad, a base salad of romaine lettuce is typically tossed with a Caesar dressing and shaved cheese and then topped with fried calamari. It is not uncommon for restaurants to offer diners a choice of the various types of meat or seafood to top a Caesar salad, and calamari is often one of the options, along with chicken, salmon, or steak. Restaurants may also offer other types of salad using various salad dressings that include calamari as an ingredient.

Fresh squid used for calamari.
Fresh squid used for calamari.

Some people have allergies to calamari, making it important to prepare calamari salad using utensils and equipment that are not shared with other foods. Another thing to be aware of is that there are various types of imitation calamari on the market, which can be made from whitefish or other ingredients. If someone is concerned about obtaining a quality calamari salad, he should patronize a trusted grocery or food service establishment and ask about the source of its calamari.

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@ysmina-- I'm surprised that it was raw too. Calamari salad recipes I've seen usually call for the squid to be boiled for a few minutes first and then marinated. This is usually enough for the squid to be tender and pick up the flavors in the salad.

My mom makes a very nice calamari salad this way that's also very easy. She adds a lot of garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. She also adds seasoning and tosses everything with fresh greens. It's quite delicious and extremely healthy. I was never fond of squid until I tried this salad.


@ysmina-- I'm sorry to hear that. Calamari salads usually, at least feature grilled calamari. So I'm surprised that they would serve it with raw calamari. Perhaps it was pickled calamari or very lightly cooked but not enough to make a difference.

Anyway, I do hope you give grilled calamari salad a chance sometime in the future because it's quite good. Or if you really want salad with fired calamari, you could make it yourself at home.


I love fried calamari and have had it many times. So when I ordered calamari salad at a restaurant the other day, I was expecting a salad topped with crispy fried calamari. Instead, I got a salad with pieces of raw calamari.

I just couldn't eat it. I gave it a try but raw calamari is just not my thing. I asked them to take the salad back and ordered something else.

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    • Salad with calamari.
      By: Maksim Shebeko
      Salad with calamari.
    • Fresh squid used for calamari.
      Fresh squid used for calamari.
    • Salad greens.
      By: NataliTerr
      Salad greens.
    • Salad dressings that include calamari may be used on a calamari salad.
      By: SunnyS
      Salad dressings that include calamari may be used on a calamari salad.
    • Squid is the main ingredient in calamari salad.
      By: margo555
      Squid is the main ingredient in calamari salad.