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What is Creamed Corn?

Creamed corn is a classic comfort dish, blending sweet corn kernels with a creamy sauce, often enriched with butter and seasonings. This velvety side dish is a staple at family gatherings, offering a taste of nostalgia. Its simplicity belies the depth of flavor it brings to the table. Curious about its origins or how to elevate it at home? Let's delve deeper.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Creamed corn is a side dish that was common in the American Midwest before it became a part of American cuisine in general. It is made with fresh corn kernels and cream or milk. Canned versions are also available.

The basic method of preparing creamed corn is to first make a white sauce by melting butter and adding flour and cream or milk to it. Fresh corn kernels cut from the cob are then added to the sauce mixture. Seasoning is usually just salt and pepper, although some cooks prefer to add herbs such as basil. When the corn kernels simmer in the sauce until tender and cooked through, the side dish is ready to eat. This dish is best served right after it is cooked.

An ear of corn.
An ear of corn.

Canned versions of creamed corn don't usually have the fresh taste of the homemade versions. Either type can be served as a side dish or as the base for seafood sauce or corn chowder. Sauteed onions, garlic and mushrooms may be added to creamed corn to make a thick seafood sauce. Potatoes and seafood and/or bacon added to the corn can make a hearty chowder or main dish soup.

Creamed corn may be featured in chowder.
Creamed corn may be featured in chowder.

There are also many variations to creamed corn used as a side dish. Some cooks like to add onion and bacon while others prefer to include chopped bell peppers. Leeks may also be added. Milk may be used instead of cream, although using light cream is traditional and thought to add a pleasant richness to creamed corn.

A sharp knife tends to make the job of cutting kernels off of the ears of fresh corn easier. It may be necessary to first slice as much of the kernels off of the corn cob as possible before using the knife a second time to remove the remaining kernel portions. Making creamed corn is a great way to help use up an abundance of fresh ears of corn!

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I really like adding a little bit of creamed corn into soup, especially seafood soup. I find that it works especially well with clam chowder or fish stew, and kind of plumps up the soup, which is great in the winter.

I usually use Gullivers creamed corn since I don't grow enough to make my own, but you can use any brand you want, and pretty much get the same results with something like creamed corn.

Try it next time you make a fish stew or thick chowder -- you might be surprised what a little creamed corn can do.


I need some tips on what to do with creamed corn if you have just a ton of it left over. I had used my slow cooker to make creamed corn for a buffet that got called off at the last minute, and now I'm stuck with three gallons of creamed corn!

What can I do with it? I know that I can freeze it, but what are some recipes using creamed corn that I can use to get rid of all this stuff? I'm afraid that I'm going to be eating creamed corn for the next ten years!


Crock pot creamed corn is one of my go-to dishes for big family gatherings. It's pretty easy to make, lasts well, and can use up all those extra ears of corn from my garden.

It really pairs well with a lot of different kinds of foods too, like green beans and ham (two other family gathering staples). And though it might sound like overkill, creamed corn and cornbread go really well together too.

I'm really glad that you mentioned how you need to go back and scrape the corn after you first cut the kernels off too -- a lot of people don't know that and let so much corn go to waste. Great job researching and writing.

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    • An ear of corn.
      By: rimglow
      An ear of corn.
    • Creamed corn may be featured in chowder.
      By: Joshua Resnick
      Creamed corn may be featured in chowder.
    • Creamed corn is often made with fresh corn kernels and cream.
      By: Viorel Sima
      Creamed corn is often made with fresh corn kernels and cream.