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What is Jagermeister?

Jägermeister is a rich, herbal liqueur crafted from 56 different herbs, fruits, roots, and spices. This iconic German digestif is renowned for its complex flavor profile and deep, dark color. It's often enjoyed as a chilled shot but is also versatile in cocktails. Ready to explore the intriguing history and unique ways to savor Jägermeister? Join us as we uncover its secrets.
Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Jagermeister is one of the most popular fruit-flavored liqueurs in the world, and ranks as the most popular exported liqueur produced in Germany. While its precise recipe is secret, the flavor of this drink definitely indicates the presence of licorice and anise. Some people enjoy this liqueur straight from a glass, while others prefer to mix it with other drinks or use it to make desserts. It is a powerful alcoholic drink, however, so it should be enjoyed in moderation and only by those legally allowed to do so.

What Is In It

Bottle of Jagermeister.
Bottle of Jagermeister.

The exact recipe for Jagermeister is kept secret, but it contains 56 different herbs and similar ingredients. There is general speculation, however, that the alcohol content is enhanced through a unique blending process; it is 70 "proof," meaning about 35% alcohol by volume. The result is a liqueur that has a slightly fruity taste without being overly sweet. Generally served cold, many drinkers consider it an ideal option for "shots," as well as a relaxing digestif or after dinner drink.

Mixed Drinks

Jagermeister logo.
Jagermeister logo.

While some people drink this liqueur by itself, others prefer mixing it with different types of alcohol and other mixers. For example, rum and cola can be given a little extra kick with the addition of Jagermeister to the combination. Many drinkers substitute it for other types of alcohol in a drink, such as vodka or rum, for a unique and distinct flavor. Even a splash added to an iced coffee can be an excellent late afternoon or evening treat.

Other Uses

The taste of Jagermeister is often compared to cough syrup.
The taste of Jagermeister is often compared to cough syrup.

Along with a variety of popular mixed drinks, this liqueur can be added to several desserts. Chilled cubes of cake can be drenched in Jagermeister and then topped with fruit and whipped cream. Ice cream doused with this liqueur allows the sweetness of the two elements to mingle, and the chilled alcohol helps keep the frozen treat cold. Cooked fruits can be chilled and then tossed in a small amount of this liqueur to enhance the natural flavor of the fruits, while providing a little something extra to an otherwise simple dessert.

Worldwide Popularity

Jagermeister is often used in mixed drinks.
Jagermeister is often used in mixed drinks.

Due to the quality and flavor of Jagermeister, it has proven popular in a variety of countries around the world. Many different shops, including both grocery and liquor stores, stock this alcohol and sell it for a reasonable price. Even people who do not like its taste alone, which some compare to cough syrup, often still enjoy it when mixed into a cocktail.

Nutritional Information

Like many other types of sweet liqueur, Jagermeister is fairly high in calories. One shot, about 1.5 fluid ounces (44 milliliters), has just over 100 calories in it, though it does not contain any fat or vitamins. At about 70 proof, it is certainly not the strongest alcohol available in many countries, but it is a strong liqueur that should be enjoyed in moderation. Excessive consumption of any alcohol can lead to sickness, dehydration, and even alcohol poisoning that requires professional medical assistance.

History and Background

Jagermeister, which is German for "hunt master," has been in production since 1934 by the Mast-Jagermeister AG Company. It is typically sold in green bottles and the label is recognized by the image of a deer and a cross. This is a reference to the Catholic Saints Eustace and Hubertus, who are the patron saints of hunters and converted to Christianity after each seeing a stag with a cross between its antlers.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

After many years in the teleconferencing industry, Michael decided to embrace his passion for trivia, research, and writing by becoming a full-time freelance writer. Since then, he has contributed articles to a variety of print and online publications, including DelightedCooking, and his work has also appeared in poetry collections, devotional anthologies, and several newspapers. Malcolm’s other interests include collecting vinyl records, minor league baseball, and cycling.

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Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

After many years in the teleconferencing industry, Michael decided to embrace his passion for trivia, research, and writing by becoming a full-time freelance writer. Since then, he has contributed articles to a variety of print and online publications, including DelightedCooking, and his work has also appeared in poetry collections, devotional anthologies, and several newspapers. Malcolm’s other interests include collecting vinyl records, minor league baseball, and cycling.

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Discussion Comments


Can you drink this while pregnant?


It's really easily to get drunk of it because people treat it like a cocktail. I could easily drink an entire bottle of Malibu rum in a half an hour. It tastes like your average cocktail. Tricky stuff, those liqueurs.


Russian here.

Shot =

First, pour 3 parts Jager, then 1 part Vodka, then 1 part red bull. Drink, repeat.


My first time drinking jager was insane, I drank 5 stellas and an hour later I drank half a bottle of jager with monster, got me screwed up, I puked a bunch. I rarely drink, and my hangover was not bad, but after I woke up I found out everything reeks with jager. If you are going to puke, do it nowhere near your house or your clothes. The smell is brutal.


I'm confused as to why it is referred to as "fruit-flavored". It tastes like licorice to me.

I happen to like the taste of Jager. It is strong enough to give me a good buzz (though I will admit, it is no Everclear), and it is probably the only alcoholic beverage out there that does not seem to give me hangovers, no matter how much of it I drink.


Lame. This stuff makes me want to puke. Sick. The smell of it is atrocious. And who cares how much you can drink? American or not, you are human either way. Excessive drinking is not attractive. Good luck getting and or keeping a women. Better like your alcohol forever because that's what you will end up with. Only you and the booze. You will die alone and not a person will really care.


Can you smell Jager on your breath? Does it smell like booze?


I'm more of a jack, jim bean and moonshine kind of guy. I'm 19 and I don't consider myself an alcoholic or anything but I can handle my liquor. I drank one of the big $45 bottles of this stuff and barely got buzzed on it. Maybe it's because I'm so used to drinking the really hard stuff.

The moonshine is usually 160-180 proof. This stuff is like what -- 35 percent? It tastes great but it's not the best for getting hammered on. backwoods of West Virginia, USA


It's almost not drunk in Europe. I think it's another of those American expressions of their uncomfortable relationship with alcohol, like setting limits on the alcohol content in beer (Belgians and other Europeans would laugh), drinking absinthe (at least the imitation that's sold in the US).

Also the laughable urban legends like "any girls that drink jager regularly have problems with their periods", "i just heard on a tv show that jager has a certain type of opiate in it", etc. By the way, Jagermeister means Huntmaster, hence the deer on the label. Now try Chartreuse. The green version. It has 130 herbs in it and is made by monks of the Chartreuse Order since 1605. Oh, it's 110 proof. The monks also make Elixir Vegetal de la Grande-Chartreuse. That's 138 proof. I doubt it's available in the US in view of their government meddling with all the good things in life.


I, too, had a bad (first experience) and it was because I drank way too much! That being said, Jager is my drink of choice and I enjoy it once or twice a week with a mix of Red Bull. I have learned my limits, drink it slowly and have no problems with it. I never have a hangover and I recommend it to all my friends who drink alcohol. (Having a "Jager Slushie" now).


Classic americans. I drank 30 shots of it last night with about eight Buds and i didn't get alcohol poisoning nor do i even have a hangover today. I'm not a "tank" nor an alcoholic and I certainly don't drink as much as some people in the UK, I'm only 21. So it does make me laugh when I see all these stories about "3 day hangovers" and trips to hospitals on half a bottle of jager.


I am new to this Jager thing but i like it. I am also curious as to why is there a deer and a cross on the emblem? Could someone enlighten me please? Thanks and happy drinking.


I think that what many people are failing to realize is that it isn't only the proof on the bottle, it is also the rate at which it is consumed and processed that determines whether alcohol poisoning occurs or not. Party smart.


You just have to remember that everybody is different and everyone reacts differently to different things. Someone could be drunk on a certain amount that to other people could be "poison."

The more you drink, the more of a tolerance you build up to drink. Diet, health, age and general fitness are all major factors as well as to how alcohol will affect you. So where you can drink a bottle of jager, your friend might have three jagerbombs and be unable to stand.

i know people who get violent on whiskey or vodka

but other spirits they're fine with.

everybody is different. if you can't handle jager, don't drink it.


@ #8: I'm about as liberal as they come, and I love me some jager bombs! All (most?) things in moderation. You can injure yourself with just about anything if you're using it improperly. It's about common sense. The harder stuff wasn't intended to be consumed by the bottle. If you choose to do that, you're taking a risk. Just because some people make bad decisions doesn't mean that those of us who choose to be responsible should have to pay.


Jager is great! I used to drink mixed drinks and cocktails, until a friend asked me to do jager shots with her one night. Jager is a fun drunk. I laugh and have a great time without being so drunk I can't walk!

I am a smaller woman and only have two or three shots, or two jager bombs, with no hangover the next day.

I love it, and to the sister who got poisoned, she drank too much. It is not the jager's fault. If she drank too much of any alcohol she would have had the same reaction.


Jager is like my "weed." When I'm stressed, I drink it, watch kid cudi day night video on my mac full screen and i can't stop myself from dancing. then i end up hitting up a club by myself. lol. but I'm not even acting crazy. I'm just really happy. I've got to watch or listen to kudi while drinking it, though.


sharing my jager story haha. first time with jager i drank almost a whole fifth, two bfc's of monster and smoked two joints. but I'm a tank. lol. It was at some cabin in the u.p. of michigan with a bunch of college friends.

It's something with those herbs, man. I tell you, it messes you up but it's sweet. It's like nothing else. if you've been drinking a bit and know what your body can take, you're fine.

If you're new, take it easy but do enjoy!

and about yout sister. it's very unfortunate. but i do believe all alcohol is dangerous just as guns, knives, cars, tigers, sharks, cigarettes, blah blah blah. none need to be taken off the shelves or whatever.

live and learn, just don't drink it again i guess.


You really need to sit down and talk with your sister. Seems like something else was going on that night and drinking added to it. To me it is like blaming the gun not the shooter. Some things we buy in this world is not for everybody. Ex. I maybe the only person in the U.S. allergic to benadryl. So it may also be she just can't drink that kind of alcohol. Please stay safe.


I have been drinking a wide variety of drinks in various quantities for 12 years. When I went to the pub, I thought this was just a mixed spirits drink, without knowing the herbal effect.

It was as if my drink was spiked; I couldn't remember what I was doing. I have had lots of scotch and vodka, and it was never like this.

It is strong and highly dangerous. I nearly was abducted from the pub.

I then spent two hours vomiting with diarrhea. This continued for three days afterwards (not a flu, a bad hangover).

This drink should come with a warning. Be extremely careful.


Anybody who thinks a drink should be banned is an idiot. Stop drinking jager if you can't handle it. It's the only thing I drink. Every Friday and Saturday is jager bliss. Some people are so afraid of having to take responsibility for what they do. It's pathetic. There's no hangover either if you drink it responsibly. Jager time!


i just heard on a tv show that jager has a certain type of opiate in it. if this is true then no wonder people can't handle the stuff.


It's a good drink but it kind of reminds me of cough medicine when drunk straight, but damn good.


Are you serious? Drinking too much booze and then blaming the alcohol for the mess you and others may find themselves in after thinking you have become some sort of superhero all of a sudden is down to you, not the drink! No wonder we get the anti-social behavior up and down the country with attitudes like that.


i think that's very ignorant to say that jager is dangerous because its not the drink, it's the drinker. It's lower in alcohol than most vodka. And to the person who says 12-13 shots would give someone who isn't overweight or an alcoholic poisoning because i'm a twig and I've drunk a fifth of jager, 10 shots of vodka and i can't remember how many beers and i was just drunk -- not poisoned.

Most teenagers i know can at least drink half a fifth. i need that to really even get drunk but whatever.


I like it-- a lot! It may not be a good thing to do, but I put down a whole large bottle one night. Walking was a bit of a problem. Now I stick with the middle size and life is grand.

I don't know what they put in there, but the next morning I feel great!

I don't condone drinking because I had severe alcohol induced chronic pancreatitis recently, but if you have to do it, this is the stuff. It has not hurt me-yet. I was a vodka drinker before and put myself in the hospital four times. Jager is almost like medicine. I like it room temp myself. Have you seen that ridiculous machine they have now? They tried to sell me one for $400! Better off with a shaker.


I have one of the Jager dispensing machines. It chills the beverage to a perfect temperature. It is a big hit at our parties. Well worth the investment!


I don't know what's wrong with me but it's only the second time and last time that I've drunk just the one shot and the results are no good. As soon as that drink touches my stomach i feel absolutely drunk and start vomiting straight away. I'm never going to touch it again; it's like poison to me.


any girls that drink jager regularly have problems with their periods?


drank a full bottle in half an hour one day. I was falling over tables and chairs and fell in a pool, then I woke up in bed six hours later, jagered out of my head. i'ts brilliant stuff.


each friday we drink jager or jagerday as we call it. when i drink it i first have a five hr energy drink mixing jager with redbull in jager shot classes and unleashing the jagermonster inside stobe lights flashing and some heavy metal --what a rush.

jager is the best to drink. on a good jagerday i can drink a fifth and still walk barely.

The first time I drank it was about six years ago. a friend and i were at a bar and i had three shots chasing with a beer.

it kicked me so hard in the butt, mixing it with other kinds of alcohol.


Anon15458: Jager's alcohol content is no more than the whiskey I drink and I've easily drink an entire fifth in one night, given I was drunk as hell, but not poisoned. I've seen girls who were only 130 pounds drink a half bottle of 80-proof vodka with no alcohol poisoning.

Are you sure she had alcohol poisoning and wasn't just feeling bad?


1/2 a bottle of 70 proof? No wonder. Instead of taking it off the shelves, how about being smart.


Oh. You're actually serious


1/2 a 5th, Man, i'd catch a buzz on that amount :) of course i'm a 26 year old alcoholic.

children shouldn't drink that much of any alcoholic beverage.


you're not supposed to drink a half bottle of jager by yourself in the first place. that's just ignorance on her behalf.


My first drinking experience was with jagermeister. Hell, the first time i even heard the word was the "jagermeister tour" featuring Coal Chamber and Drowning Pool. I was 13 at the time and thought it was just some ridiculous word they used to promote a tour. Once at the concert I quickly realized that it was booze.

A few years later i tried it, and once i turned 21 it's been in my freezer ever since. I also know a lot of people who enjoy this warm, but I like all of my liquors chilled.

As for the guy with the sister who drank a half a bottle --it's liquor, not beer. You think this stuff should come off the shelf? There are way way worse things out there (151, everclear) that put jager to shame. You have to be responsible when you drink hard liquor, period.

And now, time for another shot of Jagermeister.


Jager in a shot glass inside a glass of red bull is delicious, jager bomb all the way.


I love Jager. I've heard that in Germany the alcohol content is actually higher than is allowed in the American version of Jager. I don't know if that's true, though it was told to me by a German foreign exchange student, who should know.

Also on a side note, Darwin's theory of evolution states that the strong shall survive while the weak perish...tell your sister to be smarter and not to drink a large quantity of any alcohol in a short period of time, or she will suffer the consequences of evolution.


what is in it


I really love Jagermeister and have a couple of shots every night. I have read everything I can find on its production and ingredients to try to understand more about it as well. I have also tried and tried to email Mast Jagermeister and ask them some questions but never receive the courtesy of a reply.

What I don't quite understand is why, after going through all this elaborate production technique supposedly involving 56 herbs, spices, barks and woods, that it is supposed to be served so super ice-cold which would just seem to be counterproductive to enjoying the taste of all these aromatic compounds? Is it just that it's so nasty tasting otherwise it's unpalatable? Is it just to suppress the high alcohol taste?


What is with this liberal way of thinking? This lady, is the same type that sue tobacco and gun companies. Teach your sister to be *accountable* for herself.

I drink a half pint three nights a week. I must admit, the drink gives me a different kind of buzz. Anyone know why?


I've had lots of jager, BTW. Enjoying one now, matter of fact. The only thing ever said about the taste of jager is, "ugh, tastes like cough syrup!" I've had cough syrup too, but never any as bad as Jager.

Second, it's true Jager is only 70 proof, but there is something about the blend of herbs that does, in fact, make it far more reactive than the alcohol content suggests. With jager, it's more than just the alcohol content. Germans have used "tiny" quantities of Jager as an after dinner digestive aid, but even that is not the same formula which we get here in the states.


Most likely, his sister was underage and didn't know the rules of proper drinking. Break the rules, and it'll hurt. I myself double-fisted with Wild Turkey and Vodka when I was 16, not knowing any better. I got poisoned too, but 11 years later, I'm the beverage director for 7 restaurants in my town. Knowing's half the battle. Educate.


I have been drinking Jager for many years without incident. If people can't drink then they should stick to grape juice. To call this drink dangerous is silly. The person who wrote about his sister getting trashed with half a bottle should advise her to stop drinking because if it was not Jager it would have been any other bottle that she drank half of. If you are not responsible enough to know your limits then you should stop drinking.


half a bottle of jager is roughly 12-13 shots. that's if it is a normal sized bottle and not a handle. unless your sister is extremely overweight or an alcoholic, then 12-13 shots of *any* liquor would give her alcohol poisoning. Jager has no more alcohol in it than vodka, gin, rum, tequila, sambuca, goldschlagger, or rumplminz. to say it is dangerous is silly unless you are putting it in the hands of someone who drinks too much of it.


I think that this is a very dangerous beverage and i think that it should be taken off the shelf and never sold again. My sister drank this stuff and she only drank a half of the bottle, which caused her to have alcohol poisoning and this is not a funny matter. Please take this in to your thoughts i think that you should put it in a smaller bottle only for people to buy not at a bar. thanks, concerned person

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    • Bottle of Jagermeister.
      Bottle of Jagermeister.
    • Jagermeister logo.
      Jagermeister logo.
    • The taste of Jagermeister is often compared to cough syrup.
      By: pogonici
      The taste of Jagermeister is often compared to cough syrup.
    • Jagermeister is often used in mixed drinks.
      By: Hoda Bogdan
      Jagermeister is often used in mixed drinks.