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What Is Raw Cheesecake?

Raw cheesecake is a delectable dessert that eschews traditional baking in favor of uncooked, natural ingredients. Typically, it combines nuts, dates, and coconut oil for the crust, with a creamy filling from cashews and sweeteners. This treat is not only delicious but also often vegan and gluten-free. Curious about how it compares to the classic? Let's delve deeper into the raw revolution.
Brandon May
Brandon May

Raw cheesecake is a popular dessert item often made with raw vegan ingredients blended together and refrigerated to resemble a traditional cooked cheesecake. When making a raw cheesecake, the crumb crust is often made with ground almonds, walnuts or pecans to resemble the conventional graham cracker crust. Pureed cashews often make up the filling of a cheesecake made with raw foods, blended with lemon juice, raw honey or agave nectar and coconut oil or cacao butter. Some raw cheesecakes may contain raw cacao powder for a chocolate cheesecake, or pureed squash or pumpkin for an autumn treat.

Most traditional cheesecakes use a graham cracker cookie crust, yet a raw cheesecake often uses ground nuts like almonds, walnuts and pecans as its base. Coconut oil and dates can often be combined in the crust to form a firmer cheesecake base, resulting in a richer and sweeter crust. A raw cheesecake may also use spices like cinnamon and ginger in the crust to form a holiday-inspired flavor, with a little salt to bring out the overall flavor of the ingredients. Once chilled for a specific amount of time, a raw crust may often resemble that of a traditionally baked cheesecake crust in both flavor and texture.

Raw cheesecake is sweetened with raw honey.
Raw cheesecake is sweetened with raw honey.

The filling of a raw cheesecake often contains a smooth nut like cashews blended with a small amount liquid until smooth and creamy. Lemon juice is often used as one of the liquid ingredients to mimic the slightly tart taste in conventional cheesecakes. Since a cheesecake made with raw ingredients must be firm after refrigeration, melted coconut oil or cacao butter is often blended into the filling to enhance the firmness of the dessert. Raw honey or agave nectar is often the sweetener of choice in the filling of a raw cheesecake, as is pureed fruit like dates or apples.

Pureed cashews are often used to make raw cheesecake.
Pureed cashews are often used to make raw cheesecake.

Popular ingredients like raw cacao or raw chocolate powder are blended into a raw cheesecake filling to resemble a conventional chocolate cheesecake dessert. Pureeing raw pumpkin with various spices, although somewhat difficult, is sometimes used with the filling to create a raw pumpkin cheesecake. Almost all raw cheesecakes are refrigerated or frozen until firm, as the pureed filling can often melt if left at room temperature. Although a raw cheesecake uses vegan ingredients that haven't been cooked, a cheesecake made with raw ingredients still may contain sugar and a high amount of calories.

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I consider cheesecake to be nothing more than a guilty pleasure, for me at least. The taste is great, obviously, but the dessert itself is a perfect representation of what the Holidays are all about, at least when related to food - gluttony. Sometimes, especially in November and December, I feel like people don't eat because they're hungry, they eat the food because it's there and it tastes good. For example, I remember how last year, after having one slice of cheesecake, I came back an hour later and had another slice. I didn't eat it because I was hungry, I ate it because it was just "there".


Is anyone else amazed at the variety of cheesecakes that are available? Obviously, there's the regular kind, but you can add so many toppings and flavors that the combinations are practically endless. For example, the other day, I was reading about the variety of cheesecakes online, and that's when I discovered the passion fruit type. It's very interesting stuff. As much as I love cheesecake however, it's too bad that it generally comes around only once a year.


Hmm...interesting, as I've never heard of raw cheesecake before. However, it does sound like a great alternative to someone who wants to become a vegan. After all, cheesecake has to be the most dairy filled dessert ever.

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    • Raw cheesecake is sweetened with raw honey.
      By: margo555
      Raw cheesecake is sweetened with raw honey.
    • Pureed cashews are often used to make raw cheesecake.
      By: Maridav
      Pureed cashews are often used to make raw cheesecake.
    • Raw cheesecakes often feature a crust made of ground pecans.
      By: eAlisa
      Raw cheesecakes often feature a crust made of ground pecans.