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How Do I Choose the Best Kettle Chips?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Kettle chips make a crisp, crunchy, delicious snack. True kettle chips are prepared differently than your garden variety potato chips, which gives them a unique texture and flavor, which tend to be heartier than the more common offerings. They are made by the batch, which is what helps give them the consistency and flavor that makes this type of chips so popular.

When a batch of kettle chips is removed from the hot oil and another replaces it, the oil loses some of its heat. The oil must heat up to the appropriate temperature once again and then the chips can be cooked to their desired consistency. Kettle chips are usually thicker than other types as well, which means they take longer to cook. The processes involved tend to create a crunchier chip and a heartier potato flavor.

Bowl of kettle chips.
Bowl of kettle chips.

When comparing kettle chips, you might want to have a look online. There are food sites as well as other websites that offer consumer reviews. Some sites are specifically dedicated to discussion of various foods, including kettle chips, and some of them take it quite seriously. Food is the passion of the people who frequent these sites and detailed reviews are often available. Other sites and some magazines do taste testing and publish the results.

Potatoes, the main ingredient in kettle chips.
Potatoes, the main ingredient in kettle chips.

Some stores offer free samples, which is another great way to make a choice. You get to taste the chips yourself and form your own opinion instead of reading other people’s opinions. You might also want to buy small packages of kettle chips to perform your own taste test. Compare the texture, and of course the taste, and then begin comparing the different flavors offered.

It is also a good idea to look for freshness guarantees and an expiration date. Some kettle chips don’t use preservatives, so those close to the expiration date might not offer the same fresh taste. You can also find a number of other types of kettle chips including gluten-free, low-fat, kosher, organic, and those free of trans-fats and genetically modified organisms.

Those who suffer from allergies should take care when choosing kettle chips. Just like many other products that may not contain offending ingredients, chips may still be processed using the same equipment that is used to produce other items that contain wheat, nuts, and other ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Traces may still be found in the chips. As always it is wise to read labels thoroughly for best results.

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    • Bowl of kettle chips.
      Bowl of kettle chips.
    • Potatoes, the main ingredient in kettle chips.
      By: Africa Studio
      Potatoes, the main ingredient in kettle chips.