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What Is Mango Chicken Curry?

Eugene P.
Eugene P.

Mango chicken curry is a dish common in India and some Asian countries. It consists of a spicy curry sauce made from coconut milk, fried chicken and mangos. The mangos provide a pleasant, slightly sweet counterpoint to the spicy curry sauce. In Asian countries outside India, the dish may take on a sweet-and-sour characteristic rather than a spicy one. The dish can be served over rice or with Indian breads such as naan.

The basic Indian mango chicken curry consists of several separately prepared parts that comprise the unique flavor of the meal. The first part of the preparation involves mixing spices and fried onions into a paste. The chicken and mango are marinated in part of the mix. The remaining mix and some more spices, such as mustard seeds, are quickly fried in a pan. Coconut milk is added to the pan and brought to a boil before the chicken and mango are added and cooked through.

Curry powder.
Curry powder.

The dish will end up with a spicy flavor that is mitigated by the sweetness of the mango, although it will still be very spicy. Since it has a curry sauce, it can be served over rice so the curry runs down and flavors the rice. The rice also will help to relieve some of the additional heat. Indian breads can be used to the same effect, especially if the dish is eaten in a traditional fashion, using the bread as a utensil.

Mango is a popular tropical fruit.
Mango is a popular tropical fruit.

One of the main ingredients in a mango chicken curry is the mango. Unlike a mango that will be eaten as a fruit, it is desirable to have this fruit hold its shape while the dish is cooking. One way to do this is to choose a mango that is just a little under-ripe. An under-ripe mango is much firmer than a ripe mango, which could fall apart in the dish, leaving a kind of mush.

Mango curry can jazz up a simple piece of chicken.
Mango curry can jazz up a simple piece of chicken.

An Asian variation of mango chicken curry uses some alternate ingredients to achieve a very different taste. The addition of soy sauce, vinegar and brown sugar while cooking will create a sweet-and-sour effect in the dish. Instead of the mango relieving the dish's hot spiciness, it will caramelize and make the dish sweeter. The appearance of Asian mango chicken curry also is different, because the curry sauce will look more like a glossy glaze than a traditional curry.

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I'm Indian and my aunt who lives in India makes an amazing mango chicken curry. But one has to visit her in summer to taste it. It's not like the US where many tropical fruits can be purchased throughout the year. Mango season is a big deal in India and people wait for this time all year to make their favorite mango dishes.


@bear78-- The mango does add some sweetness to the dish, but I think it works very well. Mango makes the curry richer and if you're using a lot of spice, it really will help reduce the hotness of the dish, which is desirable.

I've made mango chicken curry several times and it always turned out good. I don't have many tips. Just make sure that the mangoes are ripe. I also recommend using coconut oil if you can because it makes the curry taste better.


I've had lots of chicken curry before, but never mango chicken curry. Mango is in season and ripe now, so I might try this recipe. I'm not too fond of sweet flavors in my meals but I'm guessing the spices will tame down the sweetness in the dish. The article mentioned this as well. I'm going to try this as soon as I gather all the ingredients.

Does anyone here make mango chicken curry regularly? Do you have any tips for me?

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    • Curry powder.
      By: Elena Moiseeva
      Curry powder.
    • Mango is a popular tropical fruit.
      By: Natika
      Mango is a popular tropical fruit.
    • Mango curry can jazz up a simple piece of chicken.
      By: Christian Jung
      Mango curry can jazz up a simple piece of chicken.
    • Mango chicken curry is a dish common in India.
      By: Tupungato
      Mango chicken curry is a dish common in India.
    • Mango chicken curry contains a blend of sweet fruit and spicy curry sauce.
      By: Maris Kiselov
      Mango chicken curry contains a blend of sweet fruit and spicy curry sauce.