Every State’s Favorite Pizza Chain

Discovering each state's top pizza chain is a savory journey through America's diverse culinary preferences. From the cheesy slices of New York to the deep-dish delights of Chicago, regional tastes shape our pizza-loving landscape. As we unveil the favorite pizza haunts from coast to coast, ask yourself: does your state's choice top your list? Join us to see if it does.

As arguably one of the most popular foods in the nation (or possibly the world), pizza has become a common comfort food for many Americans. How can you resist toasted bread topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of restaurants that serve the delightful meal, and there are many different types of pizza to choose from—from the classic Margherita to an innovative barbecue chicken pizza.

Among the many pizza restaurants, there are some that are widely known and found in every corner of the United States. These pizza chains are household names and visited often (for some, it’s weekly). Check out our map below to find out which pizza chain is your state’s favorite!


Map Findings

  • Chuck E. Cheese came in as the most popular pizza chain in the nation with 18 states declaring it as the favorite
  • California Pizza Kitchen, Round Table, and Sbarro were only the favorite in one state each, making them the least popular overall in the United States
  • Some states picked the obvious choice as their favorite, as they were the place these pizza chains were founded
    • Little Caesars was founded in Michigan
    • Pizza Hut began in Kansas
    • Indiana is home to the first Papa John’s
    • Marco’s Pizza started in Ohio
    • California is the birthplace of Round Table Pizza


We took the top ten pizza chains by gross annual sales (according to Pizza Today’s 2019 report), and analyzed their relative search volume in each state between January 2021 and January 2022 to find every state’s favorite pizza chain. For any states that had a tie between two or more pizza chains, we used the one with the highest search volume according to Ahrefs.

State Favorite Pizza Chain
Alabama Domino's
Alaska Chuck E. Cheese
Arizona Little Caesars
Arkansas Chuck E. Cheese
California Round Table
Colorado Domino's
Connecticut Chuck E. Cheese
Delaware Chuck E. Cheese
District of Columbia Chuck E. Cheese
Florida Chuck E. Cheese
Georgia Marco's
Hawaii California Pizza Kitchen
Idaho Papa Murphy's
Illinois Chuck E. Cheese
Indiana Papa John's
Iowa Pizza Hut
Kansas Pizza Hut
Kentucky Papa John's
Louisiana Chuck E. Cheese
Maine Domino's
Maryland Chuck E. Cheese
Massachusetts Domino's
Michigan Little Caesars
Minnesota Domino's
Mississippi Pizza Hut
Missouri Pizza Hut
Montana Pizza Hut
Nebraska Pizza Hut
Nevada Sbarro
New Hampshire Chuck E. Cheese
New Jersey Chuck E. Cheese
New Mexico Domino's
New York Chuck E. Cheese
North Carolina Domino's
North Dakota Papa Murphy's
Ohio Marco's
Oklahoma Chuck E. Cheese
Oregon Papa Murphy's
Pennsylvania Chuck E. Cheese
Rhode Island Domino's
South Carolina Marco's
South Dakota Marco's
Tennessee Chuck E. Cheese
Texas Chuck E. Cheese
Utah Domino's
Vermont Domino's
Virginia Chuck E. Cheese
Washington Papa Murphy's
West Virginia Pizza Hut
Wisconsin Chuck E. Cheese
Wyoming Domino's