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How Do I Choose the Best Corn Bran?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Corn bran is a food product that is derived from the outer layers of the vegetable’s kernels. When using this bran for baking, you will want to look for packages that are specifically labeled for cooking purposes. Other types of bran are used as dietary supplements that you can add to food, and the best versions are finer in texture so that they can mix easily. Organic corn bran is generally not as common in grocery stores, but you might look for this version online if you want a chemical-free food. While the majority of these products are made out of dent corn, the exact kinds of kernels that are used do not usually make a significant difference in terms of quality or taste.

Baking is the most common use for corn bran, and the best versions are located within the corresponding aisle of your local supermarket. The exact amount that you need dictates the size of bags that you purchase, so you will want to choose wisely. If you find that you frequently cook corn bran muffins and breads, then you should select a large bag in order to save money.

Corn bran is made from the outer layer of the corn kernel.
Corn bran is made from the outer layer of the corn kernel.

The best type of corn bran for supplementation is usually found in a vitamins store, and it can be used on many of the everyday foods that you eat. Some people use this product as a way to add more fiber into their diets, and they combine it in cereals, snacks, and beverages. If a particular brand does not indicate whether the bran is designed for supplemental use, then choose a product that has a fine texture so that it can be easily combined into the foods.

As an alternative, you can choose organic corn bran if you are concerned about consuming chemicals from the foods that you eat. Organic corn is not stressed by health experts as much as other types of produce because pesticides are not usually sprayed directly onto the kernels. Since this is the case, there is not generally as a high of a demand for such corn products, so the selection of this kind of organic food might be difficult to find in your area. Online outlets and natural food stores are the best places to locate such products.

Many brands of corn bran advertise that their products are made out of dent corn, but this does not necessarily indicate that the food is the best quality of its kind. Dent is one of the most common types of corn, and many manufacturers of bran utilize it because it is easy to process the hard, flat kernels that are characteristic of the stalks. Although you might prefer to eat another kind of corn when eating the vegetable by itself, you do not necessarily have to find bran made from unique kernels in order to gain the health benefits of the food. Also, dent corn bran tends to come in larger quantities as needed, so this might also be your best choice if you are looking to buy the cooking tool in bulk.

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    • Corn bran is made from the outer layer of the corn kernel.
      By: rimglow
      Corn bran is made from the outer layer of the corn kernel.