What is Rice Flour?

KD Morgan

Rice flour has been used historically in baby foods and a few inter-generational favorites, such as Rice Krispies™. It is milder, lighter and easier to digest than wheat flour and is a great substitute for people who are gluten intolerant.

A person sifting rice flour.
A person sifting rice flour.

A staple in India, Japan, Southeast Asia and Thailand, rice flour is mainly used for making noodles, desserts and sweets. It is also an excellent thickener for sauces, custards and gravies.

A rice plant.
A rice plant.

In the 1980s, the Western world discovered the value of rice flour and the usage in new applications began growing dramatically. Barley, spelt, potato and millet flours have also become popular, each with their unique advantages. However, this flour seems to be less intrusive to the taste and easier on the digestion, while maintaining compatibility with wheat flour recipes.

A field of rice.
A field of rice.

Manufacturers incorporate rice flour in cereals, chips, crackers and snacks. Cooks and chefs also discovered the lightness of the quality of their creations when replacing wheat flour with rice. Using it as a coating batter has become the key to many chicken, fish and vegetable signature dishes.

The rice noodles that are used in Asian cuisine are made from rice flour.
The rice noodles that are used in Asian cuisine are made from rice flour.

Several varieties of rices are used to accomplish specific textures and densities in traditional recipes. Long grain rice is the standard for flour. Panko dishes have been reinvented using this new trend. The batter can be prepared in a variety of densities, depending on the type of flour used, then deep-fried, sauteed or baked.

Rice flour is lighter and easier to digest than wheat flour.
Rice flour is lighter and easier to digest than wheat flour.

Medium grain rice flour can be used in recipes requiring a lighter texture or puffier expansion than standard flour. It works better when using as a thickener. The lightest textured flour comes from waxy rice. This refined choice also has greater expansion when puffed. It remains stable when frozen and is an excellent replacement for cornstarch.

Mochi is a famous Japanese favorite made from mochiko, which is finely milled rice flour. It uses short-grained, sweet, glutinous rice. It is very high in starch and makes excellent rice cakes. Favorite dishes from India made with it include idli, neer dosa and the delicious gulab jamin.

Rice flour continues to be prepared traditionally, regardless of the final application. The husk is removed, and then the raw rice is ground into a fine powder. Though it is more refined, the quantity used in recipes remains consistent with other flours.

Rice flour is used to make rice cakes.
Rice flour is used to make rice cakes.

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I found a recipe on BBC - it was used to bake a cake or roll, can't remember. To get rice flour, head out to your Asian market. It's dirt cheap and does the same.


My daughter-in-law has been advised by the paediatrician to continue giving her baby of 8 months old rice porridge in the afternoon in place of her bottle feed. She has now stopped as she feels the baby is overweight. Are there

important benefits for rice flour?


I am a baker who is looking for rice flour, and potato starch flour in large bags for baking in commercial use. all I can find is for residential consumers.


eating rice is better than eating rice power? Can we reduce weight by eating rice powder?


Can I use corn flour instead of rice flour?


I need to bake a cake, using 100g of rice flour from a Waitrose recipe, however, I have been unable to get hold of any rice flour in time. Does anyone know what substitute I could use instead? The recipe also also uses plain flour and baking powder, too.

I'd appreciate any feedback. Many thanks.


the cooking benefits are not important. the health benefits are what i want to know!


I what to know the reasons why i should use rice flour in making bread and related to it, the economic importance.


i found nothing on this website as to why and how rice flour is used in my probiotic (acidophilus) supplements. Can you direct me to where I may obtain this information?

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